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Getting Back on Track

I was doing very well in my new healthy lifestyle, but lately life has been so hectic that I feel myself failing to keep on track. It’s hard to eat healthy when going out to eat a lot, having celebrations, being away from home, or flat out being stressed. So I feel that though my exercise has been great and my intentions good, I have been failing over the past few weeks to eat a truly healthy lifestyle.

I am challenging myself TODAY to make changes.

How To Get “Re-Healthy”:

  1. Clean the darn apartment. When my apartment is neat and organized, I feel neat and organized. Right now, my apartment is in post apocalyptic mood, so you can imagine my mindset. It makes me not want to be in the house, or if I am in the house, on the couch or in bed away from the laundry that needs to be put away or the whatnots that need to be tidied up. When the kitchen is messy, it is especially hard for me to motivate myself to cook – I’ll only add to the mess. So today, I will clean and organize my apartment. It’s small, so it only really needs about 2 hours of my time to be truly shiny.
  2. Plan out my meals. When I don’t plan what to eat, I tend to either just take-in or eat poorly. I was doing really well bringing lunch to work every day, but stopped randomly last week. This is because I am not thinking what I want to have for lunch the next day until it is bedtime. Then I think, I’ll just figure it out in the morning. Then I’m a sleepy monster in the morning and forget. I need to make lunches for the next day when I am making dinner. I also need to plan dinners during the day, so when I come home I know what to make. I need a plan people!
  3. Try out new recipes. This has been the most successful part of my healthy living transition. Since I enjoy cooking new things, new recipes keep me motivated to eat healthy. Since the kitchen is messy, and I have no plans, I haven’t been finding new recipes to get excited over.
  4. Check the menu before I go. Tomorrow I know that I am going out to eat with a friend. I need to have a game-plan before going hungry to the restaurant. That way, I know all day what I’ll eat, and I won’t hungrily order the most horrid thing on the menu. Cheese sticks does not good decisions make.

So that’s my plan. Step 1: Clean the darn kitchen TONIGHT. Step 2: Make lunch for tomorrow right after dinner. Step 3: Think of some recipes I want to try out next week and buy the ingredients this weekend. Step 4: Plan where I am eating tomorrow evening and decide on my meal.

What do you do when you have a healthy lifestyle hiccup?