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No wet dogs here

My dog hates the rain. I know a lot of dogs don’t love it, but Hadley takes it to a new level. Yesterday, I came home from work, and he was excited as usual to go for his walk. I put on my rain jacket (well Chris’s really, but it nice and big on me), and his mood went from let’s go let’s go to if we must. We got downstairs and were ready to exited the building when he started investigating the mat in the entry way. It was full of wet footprints. Well Hadley put two and two together, decided it must indeed be raining, and that he would not have anything to do with it. He turned around and headed right back to the elevators. I was happy there was a man there to see it, because someone got to share in my laugh at my crazy pup. When we got inside, he still rolled around on the couch like he does when he’s wet, just to make sure that none of the horrible rain managed to get on him. Silly puppy.

I may hate rain, but I love snow!

Since Hadley was most definitely not going on a walk, I decided to use the time to hit up the gym early. I was able to get in a crazy good workout. I continued on with my strength training, mixing it up a little from last week, but doing mostly the same workout. Then, I kicked my own tush on the treadmill. I made up the workout as I went along and rather liked it. Here’s what I did:

Minutes: Pace
1-2: 3.3 – warm up
2-5: 6.0
5-6: 8.0
6-7: 7.0
7-8: 7.5 pace
8-11: 6.0 pace – recovery
11-12: 8.0
12-13: 7.0
13-14: 7.5
Take a water break and repeat above from 14-28 minutes.
28-32: 3.3 – cool down

I was a sweaty mess when I was done! While I was foam rolling along, I received a nice compliment. A lady at the gym introduced herself as a trainer and complimented me on how I always work out hard. She then offered to train me, so the compliment may have been part of a the wooing process all along, but I still appreciated it. I would love to take personal training sessions, but that’s not in the budget. Perhaps one day.

My evening from there was lovely. Usually I’m not done with the gym until 8, but since I went early, I was finished before 7. I was able to use my extra time to fix up a filling lunch for today of lots of veggies, potatoes, and Indian simmer sauce stir fried together. Sodarnfilling.

The night ended in a good way: I popped Smartpop Popcorn and enjoyed it in bed watching American Dreams. I think popcorn and TV is my new favorite bedtime activity for those nights were Chris is working dreadfully late. That and of course cuddling with Hadley.

Hug me, kiss me, love me.

Let Freedom Ring

My Fourth of July weekend was all sorts of fabulous. Let’s recap, shall we?

Friday: After work, I forced myself to run a 5K. I wanted to make sure I could do the length, since Chris and my first official 5K race (since I was in high school) is coming up soon. It wasn’t so bad! My biggest issue with the run was pacing myself. I went out too slow most of the time, since I was scared I couldn’t make the distance, and then ended up finishing with a lot more to give. I guess over time I will remember how to pace myself? When I ran in high school, I was able to autopilot whatever time I sought, but that skill is long gone. I guess there could be worse problems.

The run paid off. I already proved I will run for pasta. Well, I’ll also run for Mexican. Chris and I meet up with Lauren and her BF for Mexican food. It was finally good real Mexican food, none of that fancy NYC Tex-Mex that drives me nuts. We shared guac to start (fresh-made at our table = awesome), enjoyed sangria (BYOB wine and they do the rest), and I polished off my entire veggie burrito plate, rice and all. I paid for that with a food coma, but it felt so worth it at the time.

Insane amount of Mexi food.

After dinner, I watched my new obsession HGTV, and Chris and I fantasized about buying property all over the world. Julian Alps, I’m coming (one day) to you! We ended the night watching She’s Out of Your League. Good concept, but meh movie.

Saturday: Woke up early for a Saturday (before 9AM = early on the weekend) and headed down to my brother’s place near Princeton. Hadley meet bro’s adorable pup that he rescued last month, Rider, for the first time. At first Rider was timid, but Hadley showed him the ways of the good life. By the end of the weekend, Rider was all play all the time.

Hadley and Rider playing tug of war.

After introducing the pups, we took them on a hike that lead to a pretty waterfall. Hadley was even brave enough to follow us into the water, but then freaked out a little (water and kayakers are Hadley’s two big fears). Even with lifeguard Hadley (I swear he thinks that water is dangerous and only he can save us from it), it was a great way to spend the afternoon.

The evening was spent in New Hope, PA. My brother’s GF recommend an awesome garden restaurant there that offered American, Italian, Thai, and Mexican food! We all choose Thai, and I had my first yellow curry. Very yum. Dinner was followed by walking around the cute town, the bro and his GF trying out chocolate covered bacon, and then we all ended our food fest with ice cream. Homemade ice cream is always a good thing.

Teddy bear shaped rice with my yellow curry.

Sunday: Sunday was supposed to be a beach day, but it was raining. We slept in and then headed to a famous Princeton pancake spot, PJ’s Pancake House. We ate at the counter, which made me feel like a kid, so I went with that feeling and ordered a chocolate milk. It really hit the spot.

Chocolate milk goodness.

My egg white veggie omelet with a side of pancakes was huge. I ate two of the pancakes, but failed to eat the rest. Next time, I must remember that my eyes are bigger than my stomach (sometimes).

Too much!

We spent the rest of the afternoon food shopping (outside of NYC = real super markets) and playing lawn sports when the rain finally let up. My parents joined us for a pizza party at night and supplied a strawberry shortcake. Yes, this weekend was a fattening fest.

Monday: We were up early to head back to our apartment. Chris and I spent the rest of the day prepping for our Fourth of July party. We are lucky to have a view of the Macy’s fireworks from our apartment terrace, so we invited over friends to share in the festivities. It was the first time I saw the fireworks live (something I’ve always wanted to do), and it was really great to be able to do so surrounded by friends both old and new. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.

Let freedom ring (they looked better in person!).

Now it’s back to eating healthy. Today so far = chobani kids yogurt with honey bunches of oat cereal for breakfast and a TJ’s frozen Indian meal for lunch. Some fresh sliced strawberries and blueberries are coming up soon for a snack. You know what, healthy is yummy, too!

How did you spend your Fourth of July weekend?

Will Run For Homemade Pasta

I was short on time when I came home from work yesterday. I had to take Hadley to the dog park and be at dinner by 8PM. But, I also really wanted to take a run. So I decided to risk going to dinner a hot sweaty post-run mess, and after the dog park laced up my sneakers and went for a run.

I’m so happy I took the time – it was my best run yet! My legs felt stronger, my breathing wasn’t all over the place, and I really loved the feeling of pushing myself. When I was done, I was indeed a hot sweaty mess, but I also was filled with an awesome runner’s high. I used that runner’s high to jet back to my apartment, foam roll, ice, and take a super quick shower. Booyah. Yes, I said booyah. I even made it to the restaurant 5 mintues early, so it really was a booyah moment.

Oh, the restaurant. If you’re a fan of homemade pasta, and really, who isn’t, then you must check out Da Andrea in Greenwich Village. Our party of four was able to sit outside and take in the beautiful evening. We split one two carafes of the house red wine, which was a reasonable $25 as were we able to get more pours out of it then a typical bottle. All the breads and pastas are homemade daily and were delicious. I ordered cavatelli with shrimp and salmon in a light pesto sauce. I was glad I went running earlier, because I ate the whole darn thing. It was that good.

I was full, but I still found some room for a mini Pinkberry on the way home. I haven’t had Pinkberry in too long, so I couldn’t resist when Chris beelined for the glowing storefront.

Pinkberry = irresitable


Tonight my exercise is coming in the form of awsome. Or specifically, in the form of swing dancing at Midsummer Night Swing. The event runs nightly until July 16th at Lincoln Center where a different type of music plays every night. Tonight is big band swing, and I’m super excited! I’ve no clue how to swing dance, but I’ve always wanted to learn.

I’m sure I’ll look just as cool.


Can you swing dance?

My second most favorite activity

This morning started with an early wakeup call, so Chris and I could run before work. Boyfriend rocked it and put in his best run yet. I cannot say the same. My knees weren’t bothering me (yay!), but my breathing was totally off and I had the worst stomach ache. Usually my breathing is spot on, so I don’t know what was going on there. I trucked along at a slow pace and was just happy to finish the run. Hopefully, Friday will be a happier run for me.

For breakfast, my stomach didn’t like the idea of eating the greek yogurt I eat most mornings. Instead, I switched it up and bought a D&D egg white veggie flat bread. When my body is off, I do my best to listen to it (when it asks for mainly healthy things), so this was a good call. The sandwich steadied my stomach, and I got over my belly ache.

Lunch was another flat bread, because apparently they are all I eat. I seem to have one for at least one meal or snack every day. My favorites are Arnold’s Multigrain Sandwich thins. I use them for sandwiches, but I also use them to cover in PB and add chocolate chips. This is one of my favorite snacks. For lunch I put a chick patty and a ridiculous amount of homemade hummus on my sandwich thin. I made a batch on Sunday and took the container to work. It needs to be all eaten up by Friday at latest, so I’m doing my best to munch through it. I may have been the weird girl who offered people hummus out of my Tupperware today at work.

So now that I’ve shared the mundane, let me share the exciting part of today! Chris and I bought plane tickets to go out West in the end of September!!! I have time off between my current job and my new job that I start in the Fall, so we have been keeping our eye out for vacation options. Yesterday, we found out that Southwest is having a great fare sale. We are going to go out for 13 days (!!!!) and spend half the time visiting Chris’s family that lives in the Sacramento area, visiting San Francisco, and camping in Yosemite and the other half road tripping up the Pacific Northwest. We are currently thinking of going to Crater Lake, Portland, and Seattle. If you are from any of those areas or have suggestions for places to go on route, let me know! I can’t wait to start my second favorite activity – creating a vacation itinerary. It’s second only to the trip itself!!!

Crater Lake, I'm coming to you!

Where have you traveled lately? Have you visited San Francisco, Portland, or Seattle? I have such a travel bug now!

Veggiversary: Mexican Fiesta Rice Bowl

Veggiversary week continues! For lunch yesterday, I visited my college-favorite Au Bon Pain, or as we called it, ABP. I practically lived on ABP tomato basil bisque in college. Sadly they didn’t have that particular soup, so I went with Tuscan White Bean soup. I was disappointed – the beans were super soft and the soup had little flavor. ABP how could you fail me?

Why do you disappoint me?

After work, I returned to the treadmill. I haven’t run in nearly two weeks because of being sick and then wanting to give my body some extra time to recover. I left my IPod at work, so I had to run without it. This may easily be the hardest thing ever for me to do. Does anyone else have that problem? What do you think about when you are running? I tried to focus my mind on other things, but instead I kept focusing on how much harder running two miles was after my two week siesta. I ended up getting through it by playing with the speed every minute, but it was hard. I finished my gym sess with some foam rolling, so that I can keep up with the running.

When I came back from the gym, Chris surprised me by being home from work. He’s been working 24/7 lately, because of a case he is on, so it was a great surprise. It was made only better by the beautiful tulips he brought home for me. Isn’t he a good one?

For dinner, I was inspired by a throw-together meal I saw on this blog: a rice bowl. I used to make rice bowls all the time, but haven’t made one in a while. I love most any meal that includes rice, so I was happy to remember how much I like these. I still have lots of Mexican food ingredients in my apartment, so I went for a Mexican themed bowl.

Paired with TJ 3 Buck Chuck? Perfect.

Mexican Fiesta Rice Bowl

1 cup White rice

1/4 White onion

1/4 Green pepper

1/2 cup Refried beans

1/4 Mexican blend shredded cheese

1 dollop Sour cream

Taco sauce to taste

Boil the rice. I am a complete failure at making rice, so I stuck with the boil in the bag kind. Measure out your portion, and top with all the other ingredients, except the sour cream. Mix together. Heat in microwave for one – two minutes. Add sour cream. Scoop up with a tortilla, if desired. Enjoy!

Big News

I’ve already told the story of my dreadful knees, how I was a runner during high school, and how I had to give it up half-way through due to those dreadful knees. But, nine years after throwing my hands in the air and deciding I would never be able to run again, I decided to give it one more shot. I mean medicine advances; maybe the doctors and PT could fix me this time?

So I went to physical therapy and learned some drills and got back into running shape. I probably still cannot ever run long distances – I always say if I sign up for a marathon, I may as well just also sign up for a  knee replacement surgery right afterwards – but I am currently up to a small amount of mileage.

With that being said my big news: I am signing up for my first 5k in 9 years!!!!

My friend Kelley, who is also new to running, is going to participate with me. We found a race on April 9th in Jersey City, which seems cool because you run along the NYC skyline. I figure looking at the pretty view may keep me entertained. Plus, we get t-shirts! We haven’t signed up quite yet, but I think we will pretty soon.

To train for my 5K, I created a plan based on some plans I’ve read online. I already was up to two miles, when I started last week, but I was taking a two minute break between each mile. Last week, I focused on running the two miles straight. This week, I upped the mileage to 2.25 miles. I plan on going up .25 miles until I reach 3.5 miles, which is slightly longer than the 5K. I run all but my last mile at 10 minute pace currently, and my last mile as fast as I can, with my current best around a 7:55.

My goal by race day is to complete the 5K under 30 minutes, which I know isn’t a huge deal to most people, but to someone with shotty knees who hasn’t run in almost a decade, it’s a big deal.

What are you current fitness goals?

Let’s Get Physical

Today I started Physical Therapy! I think I am really going to like PT. I mean how can you not like having your knees massaged, heated, and then iced? I met my physical therapist who was really nice. He said that we shouldn’t assume like my doctor did that I can never run outside again, but rather, we will see at the end of a few weeks. I hope upon hope that I can get to a place where I can run outside. At this point, I would even take training for 5K (which, let’s not kid, would be really hard for me to do right now).

I mean this place just looks fun.

I’ll be going to PT two times a week for the next 6 weeks or so. I am going to be really positive about this in order to give my body any boost I can. I want to exercise!

Besides PT, I also ate today. I forgot to take my camera to work, so I missed out on taking any pictures during the day. I had my usual instant oats for breakfast. Today I had Strawberry’s ‘n Cream, and it’s just isn’t as good as my usual maple. Lunch was super yummy: open faced focacia sandwich with goat cheese, arugula, artichokes, and honey mustard. I was super hungry and snacky today. I ended up munching on dried cranberries that a co-worker brought into the office (and I am now in love with) and a banana. I kept my banana in the fridge because I really love cold bananas. My boyfriend hates cold bananas so we are constantly putting them in and out of our fridge at home.

Dinner I do have pictures of and it was a great throw together. My boyfriend, Chris, brought me home a few shrimp in a fresh garlic sauce last night. I heated up the shrimp and garlic in a frying pan with a little bit of egg whites, tofu, and tomato and served the whole thing over rice. It was an easy and delicious dinner.

I paired it with a satisfying glass of white wine. I tend to withhold from drinking wine during the week, so this was great.

I ended the night with a little dessert. I just have been craving sweets lately!

This needed a little PB mixed into it and then it was really tasty. Without it, it's a no go.