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Where’d you get that dress?

When I was young, I wasn’t a girly girl at all. I hated dresses, hated pink (still hate purple), and was much more comfortable in overalls, cut-off shorts, and tee-shirts. I’m pretty sure that I had a notion that I was Huck Finn or at least Becky Thatcher.

Scout Finch from to Kill A Mockingbird. I would have wanted her overalls as a kid. Also, my family dog is named after her.


Flash forward to high school and my sense of fashion turned itself on. Somewhat. I still had a penchant for some odd choices – bright colored everything and sparkles. Oh gosh did I love glitter. I once glittered a pair of jeans in my basement using Elmer’s glue and you guessed it, glitter. My mom wanted to have my head for glitterizing the entire basement and the jeans turned out to be one wear only. Who would’ve thunk?

I was also really into stuff like this nail polish.


Sometime towards the end of college, I honed in and now own my sense of style. I love dresses, don’t blanch from most colors (except I still haven’t gotten over the purple thing), and like sparkles limited to touches and accessories. Now that I have figured out my sense of style – girly and vintage with an urban flair – I want to recommend some of my favorite online sites to oggle shop at.

ModCloth: I first fell in love with this site back in 2008 when they were a much smaller operation. Now they have gained in popularity so their stock-size is ever increasing. Their prices have somewhat gone up, but they have wonderful 70% off sales twice-yearly where you can always stock up on your favorite finds. ModCloth has a limited vintage collection and a large vintage-inspired collection. I own several dresses from them and almost always love my purchases. I also love that their customer service is so hands on. I’ve spoken with them for fit advice, which they are always helpful with, and once when the post service lost my dress, they sent me another one no-hassle and free of charge.

Excellent color and one one of ModCloth's most popular dresses.


Ruche: I discovered Ruche last year while trying to procrastinate from finals studying. I remember running in to tell Chris that I found a clothing site that perfectly got my style. Their pieces are romantic, girly, whimiscal and well priced. I also love the bright colored dresses they are currently showing. I can’t comment on their customer services, as I haven’t dealt with them, but I do enjoy that they keep an updated blog on their website. It makes shopping feel more like a community experience. Also, their lookbooks make me drool and want to order every piece.

I love this, but how does one style a lace skirt?


Shabby Apple: This is a site I have only just discovered myself through other bloggers. I have yet to order from them, but I did spend a good hour swooning over their website yesterday. They seem to get vintage demure and sexy spot on. I loved playing around with their Fit Guide feature that allowed me to get suggestions of dresses best for my body type. Their price points are somewhat higher than the other two sites, but whereas few dresses on ModCloth and Ruche are semi-professional dress code appropriate, most Shabby Apple dresses look like they could seamlessly bounce back between work and play. I cannot wait to find an opportunity to buy a dress from them. In the very least, I am choosing a couple to set a good tone at my new job beginning next Fall.

For work and play.

For play. I do have a birthday coming up.


Lulus: I come here for the shoes. The clothing is a little too young for me, but my college self would be all over some of their options. Their shoe selection is just right for twenty-five year old me. I’m one of those people who never seems to buy expensive shoes (see exception: boots), but rather, likes to have lots of different affordable cute options. Lulus is the perfect place to find in-fashion low-priced shoes. My favorite shoes I ordered where my graduation heels. They are beige low pumps with ruffles over the toes. Not only did they randomly match my tassle (which strangely many people pointed out), they look way more expensive than they were, still look great a near year later, and were mighty wearable.

Current lust: I'm all about green lately. It's so spring.


Those are my favorite online sites, but now that I live in NYC and no longer must rely on online shopping alone (a downside of living in the country), I also love to shop at the GAP, Ann Taylor Loft, DSW, Nordstrom’s Rack, and my slightly out-of-reach-but-I-love-it-anyway Anthropologie (see: cropped jacket I’ve been living in). Oh this was a fun post to write!

Where do you love to shop? Have you recently found any online shopping gems?


It’s Just a Little Crush

Remember that song?

That was my middle school jam. Right now I am crushing hard. On spring clothes. Beautiful warm weather spring into summer clothes. I am over the cold and one of my ways to deal with cold weather is to pick out all the lovelies I want to add to my wardrobe when the sun shines warm once again. The best part about picking things out early is that I can do one of my favorite activities: clothing stalking. It works like this: 1) Pick out the full price item you want 2) Look for coupons for that item. 3) Go back to the store every so often to see if the item has gone on sale. 4) When said awesome coupon or sale appears, buy! It works well for me most every time.

These are my current spring crushes:

I haven’t  been able to wear jean shorts for some time, but I tried these on yesterday and they fit well and looked good, too. I will be looking for that Gap 30% off coupon that comes around every few months.

I love Antrhopologie, but most items are out of my price range, but this price point is good. This just may have to be added to my wardrobe.

I am a big fan of ModCloth. This little dress would look great with some flats.

I am the worst about picking out tops. I wind up having a million skirts and nothing to wear with them. This top from Ruche is dainty and fun at the same time.

My old American Eagle mini skirt was tossed when I thought I would never lose the weight I had gained. Now that I am back into my old pants size, I want a new one.

Target sundresses are always the best, though they tend to only last a season. Still, for under $20 that’s fine by me.

Payless for the win! These shoes are fun and look like they would be good for walking around the city. I enjoyed the price comparision here. I owned these shoes in silver last year, and wore them until they were dead. Now I am excited to pick up a new pair!

What clothing crushes do you currently have? What are your favorite stores to shop in?