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Fitness and Food

The two themes of this weekend were fitness and food. Well that and celebrating Valentine’s Day. Thursday night I went to my parent’s house in Jersey, because I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning. My mom and I went out to a “fancy” diner, and it really was fancy! They gave us artisan bread to munch on with oil to dip it in. We also got mini hot chocolates on the house with whip cream. Double yum! We both ordered omelets, and my egg white Mediterranean one was delish but a little on the oily side. I also gobbled down all of my potatoes, because my mom and I were chatting and having a good time and it just happened.   I left feeling on the overly full side, but it was fun to go to a diner that is willing to branch out in its cuisine (not that I don’t love a good traditional diner tuna melt).

Look at that feta.

Friday morning started off with a good cuddle from our family dog, Scout. It was the perfect way to start the day.

Oh hello, cutie.

Then it was off to the doctor, which is never too fun, but it’s always good to get that yearly check up crossed off the to-do list. Afterwards, I headed back to my apartment where I was able to enjoy the rest of my day off. I got a lot of errands out of the way and finally sent back the broken scale. Then, I had an awesome session at the gym. I rocked out two miles (that’s twice what I could do last week!) and ran the second one all out (for me) at 8 minute pace. I absolutely love running as hard as I can and getting a good sweat on. I rounded out my gym sess with abs, leg drills, and some foam rolling.

Friday night, I was charged with finding a place for Chris, Yara, Yara’s friend from work, and I to go to dinner. The great thing about NYC is people always say that you can find whatever you want to eat. So I decided to test this theory and typed in exactly what I wanted into Yelp. The search terms “pizza wine” lead us to this amazing restaurant: Pastita. Low lights, large tables, vintage décor, and they don’t care if you stay for hours. My type of place. We all split the yucca fries, because Yelp said they were a must. They were good, but I don’t like fried food much, so they weren’t really my thing. Chris and I split a thin crust mushroom pizza and a salad with avocado slices and an amazing creamy dressing. I think avocado in a salad is my new favorite thing. This place is somewhere I will definitely return to in the future.



Mushroom thin crust pizza


Saturday morning started with my first Pilates class. I bought a Groupon on Friday for unlimited classes at a Pilates studio for only $55. This is a great deal, considering one class is normally $20. The studio is a great set-up and reminded me of where I took ballet classes when I was little. I really enjoyed the class – it was challenging and relaxing at the same time, if that makes any sense.

Saturday night, Chris and I celebrated Valentine’s Day Night 1. I plan Valentine’s Day, and he plans our anniversary which is a week and half later. I like to carry out celebrations, so we celebrated Saturday night and then again tonight. What can I say? I’m a kid at heart. We started off with Thai food in the West Village at Pinto. We have both been craving good Thai food for ages, and every time we order it in, it comes out thumbs down. Not the case with Pinto. We started with a crunchy mushroom app that came with a jalapeño dipping sauce. Chris also ordered a Thai ice tea that was “make your own.” They gave him the tea, cream, and syrup in separate glasses, and then he combined them to his preference. Pretty nifty. For dinner I ordered crab fried rice in a young coconut. The presentation was fabulous and the food was yum. Chris enjoyed his go-to Thai dish of spicy noodles with beef. Thai craving satisfied.

We then walked over to Sweet Revenge, which is an adorable place that does cupcake and wine and cupcake and beer pairings. The place is warm and inviting and the owner works behind the bar and chatted us up. Even though it was really busy, we were able to get a seat at the bar. We split two cupcakes: Crimson and Crème (red velvet) and Dirty (chocolate with a dark chocolate ganache). They Crimson and Crème was both our favorites. The wine pairing really did bring out the cupcake flavors, too. I would very much recommend this neighborhood gem, but don’t go with more than one person since seating is hard to come by.

Dirty cupcake and red wine pairing

Because Chris and I were in the midst of the best eating weekend ever, we rounded off Sunday at the Hummus Place. I have a true love for hummus. I am also a hummus snob and don’t enjoy a lot of the hummus in the States. Hummus Place has amazing  hummus. We ordered the mushroom topped hummus, labneh with zatar, and shakshuka. For me, this type of food doesn’t just feed my belly, but it also feeds my soul.  This is food that with every bite I am warm and happy and satisfied. I paired my delicious meal with a mint tea. I may have to try to make this at home.

Mint tea

Hummus, labneh, and warm pita.


We did good.

After lunch, Chris had to go into work, and I spent my time walking around the Upper West side. I ventured into Banana Republic and used a gift card to purchase a fun spring blouse.

When I made it home, it was time for the dog park, massive apartment cleaning, and the gym. I ran two miles and did some arm weights. It was the first time I ran two mile straight (Friday I took a two minute walk break in between miles), and I was proud of that accomplishment. I ended the evening baking a heart shaped Red Velvet cake for Valentine’s Day Night 2 tonight.  

This was an extremely long post to catch up on my weekend of being a bad blogger. Thanks if you made it to the end!

What did you do this weekend?