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When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Meat(less)balls

I have been experiencing a truly crazy day, which I will record in a post later today. Because my day has been so nuts, I am in need of doing some good cooking tonight that involves some chopping and pounding of ingredients. Tonight’s attempt? Meatless balls with pasta. This should be a true experiment, seeing that I have never even made meatballs, and being that I don’t eat meat, I am going to try to adapt a recipe to use meatless crumbles. I really hope it comes out well, because after my day, I am in need of a kitchen win. I have used Morningstar meatless crumbles for other recipes – “meat” sauce, chili, and calzones – and it has always served me well. I have read on some blogs, though, that Gimme Lean works better for meatballs, so I may switch it up and use that if I can find it at the health food store I go to. Recipe suggestions are welcomed!