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11 Reasons Why Today is Wonderful

1. I hardly slept last night, but somehow woke up totally refreshed.

2. My morning walk with Hadley was lovely.

3. Spring weather is in full bloom at near 70 degrees.

4. I’m wearing a bright flowered skirt – nothing says spring like flowers.

5. For snack, I ate a Nutella hamentashen that I baked from scratch with Melissa last night.

6. I composed a long list of activities I want to do in the spring and summer. Bring on the warm weather!

7. During lunch, I read outside.

8. Chris should be able to get out of work at a normal hour tonight.

9. I commuted in flip-flops today – and totally wore them around the office.

 10. I got the last seat on the train this morning. 11. It’s Friday!

This Week’s Loves #1

This is the first of a weekly installment I plan to write on Sundays (or Mondays in the case of long weekends such as next week). What did I love this past week? What made me happy?

– Snowfalls

– Hadley getting groomed

On his way to get groomed.

– Finding a Ciao Bella Gelato store

– Visiting Zabar’s

– Dinner with good friends from law school at an Italian-Mexican fusion restaurant.

I went the mexican route and ordered a quesadilla app for dinner.

– Wearing new outfits to work

– Breaking out my outlet find last night: $40 grey Aerosole boots – I have been looking for grey boots ever since I saw Lorelai running around in them on Gilmore Girls, but could never find a pair I liked until last week

– Becoming a soup-maker

– Continuing to reconnect with one of my oldest friends and going on a double date tonight with her and her boyfriend

– Starting PT

– Walking through Central Park when it looked like Narnia

– Visiting a free exhibit at a museum

– Starting season 2 of Friday Night Lights

– Sleeping in late on the weekends

Enjoy the last day of the weekend everyone! I know I will – I am off to go have a brunch of leftover pea soup and the other half of my Zabar’s bagel with scallion cream cheese! Tonight, Chris and I are going to sushi with one of my oldest friends that I have been lucky enough to recently reconnect with and her boyfriend. Between that, I am hoping to fit in a Target shopping trip. Happy lazy Sunday!