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The Cheesiest

Tonight I am hosting book club. It’s actually a book, wine, and supper club. We tend to focus on the book by reading it before the meeting and spend most of our time focusing on the wine and supper at the actual meeting. This is just fine with me.

I have prepared for my book club, by reading this excellent post on how to host a book club after work. I will be taking many of these steps, in addition to cleaning my apartment in a frenzy and closing my eyes and willing my apartment to grow in size to accommodate all my guests.

Every month we have a dinner theme that matches the book. Since this month we read The Art of Racing in the Rain (my choice and I really recommend it), and no one wanted to eat dog food besides Hadley, we went with bite-sized food as the theme.  Everyone brings a dish that goes along with the theme and a bottle of wine. Sometimes people bring the book, too.

For tonight’s meeting, I am making mini-grilled cheese sandwiches. Basically, I am making three different versions of grilled cheese and then slicing the sandwiches in fours or more so that they are miniature. I didn’t want to just make plain grilled cheese (even though I love it, I think it’s fun to experiment with book club dishes), so I have been researching ways to mix up a classic. Here’s what I’m making:

Traditional Grilled Cheese: We all know how to do this one. Whole wheat bread, cheddar cheese, and a nice slice of tomato all grilled together to yummy perfection.

Green Apple Grilled Cheese: Cheddar and green apple? Good. Cheddar and green apple grilled together on whole wheat bread? Even better. I’ll be slicing green apples, layering them on top of the cheddar, then sprinkling with cinnamon and toasting it all up.

Stinky Grilled Cheese: Havarti cheese, slices of red onion, and garlic powder toasted to perfection. Guests may need to brush their teeth after this one.

How do you enjoy your grilled cheese?