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Greek Ends, Life Goes On

If you don’t watch Greek or haven’t watched the finale, go ahead and skip this first paragraph:

Anyone else a huge ABC’s Family Greek fan? I cannot believe it just ended last night. I understand that all good things must come to an end, and I will even give you that this show was coming to its logical end, but I really wish they were given a full season to wrap things up. It seems like the show was cancelled a few episodes in to this season, and they had to tie up all their loose ends. Fast. And they made all lawyers look evil in the process. “You have to choose between your future and your friends.” Really horribly unrealistic law professor? But I digress. Ignoring the bit where they sent Casey and Evan to law school and didn’t know how to handle it, I found this to be an amazing season. The entire show was a surprise to me. It was the little show that could, with great characters that evolved over the series, witty jokes, realistic and unrealistic college moments alike, and their running joke with the Plain White Tees as frat brothers. When the show began – and even up to mid-way last season – I didn’t want Casey and Cappie together, but by the end they proved that they deserve to be with each other. The last two episodes were rushed and somewhat messy, but overall Greek stands tall as one of my favorite shows. Now Army Wives is my favorite hour long show on TV. How sad is that?

Back to your regularly scheduled program:

Pilates felt so difficult last night. I think it’s because I used my ab muscles a lot when I was running on Sunday. I felt beat and so darn hungry by the time class was over. When I came home, I immediately made dinner. I combined left over veggie fried rice from a nearby Malaysian place with a bunch of tofu. I know a lot of people say that tofu unseasoned has no flavor, but I really enjoy it. I was still hungry after dinner – why am I just ravenous some nights – so during Greek I enjoyed some frozen yogurt. After dealing with the end of Greek, I ended the night by starting a new book.  I am only two chapters into The Circus in Winter, but I can tell this is going to be a good one. My goal is to read 25 books in 2011, and so far I’ve gotten through 6. The last book I was reading, I had to abandoned because it was still boring me 200 pages in. I hate giving up a book, but sometimes it’s just not worth the effort.

Any book recommendations?  

It’s Fro Yo Time

It was either wine or fro yo to say goodbye to Greek with tonight. I went for fro yo. Tonight’s mix is mint and vanilla frozen yogurt mixed with granola, chocolate sprinkles, and a little bit of smashed up Oreos. Now if only it would give me the strength to push play on my DVR. I don’t want to say goodbye!

I think they'd agree this is a fro yo moment. So sad!



Fro-yo for dinner or dinner than fro-yo?

I’m thinking fro-yo for dinner.

Update: Fro-yo for dinner was the way to go. 🙂