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Foodie Friday: Veggiversary Week Edition

Instead of focusing on one restaurant today, I am going to highlight some of my favorite vegetarian dishes I’ve eaten in and around NYC.

– The classic: Veggie burger from Good Stuff Diner. This burger is HUMUNGO. It is also awesome. Even though it is the size of my head, it stays together with every bite. It’s homemade with lots of beans, rice, and veggie goodness. They don’t try to literally reinvent to burger here – they do their own thing. At a price point of $5.95, you’ve got to give it a try.

– The classic with a twist: Goat cheese stuffed veggie burger from Amity Hall. This pub that opened last year has an awesome menu in addition to their large selection of draft beers. When I want decadent, this is what I want. The cheese baked into the burger is bliss with every bite.

– The exotic: Dosa from Tiffin Wallah. This vegetarian Indian restaurant is the true thing. The menu features Indian food that you cannot find on many American-Indian menus. There are many options for dosas, and they are large enough to share with another person. Also, when I was there I spilt my entire Diet Coke all over myself, and they were really nice and even moved our table (it was that awesome of a spill).

– The even more exotic: Vegetarian platter at Massawa. This was my first experience with Ethiopian food, and I loved it. It was fun to eat the different vegetable and bean dishes off the spongy bread platter that it was served on. Definitely a good place to go to share food with friends.

The cheap: The falafel platter from the Hallal Cart at 53rd and 6th. Street cart food in NYC is hit or miss. This place is known for having the best Hallal food in the City. I totally agree with that pronouncement. The falafel is served over a heaping amount of rice with lettuce, tomatoes, and soft strips of pita. Make sure to ask for the white sauce – it is one of the best condiments I have ever tasted, and really ties the whole meal together.

– The best to share: The hummus and labneh at the Hummus Place. I’ve already mentioned many times how much I love this restaraunt, but I can’t neglect to mention it again. Go with a friend and try some of their amazing hummus, labneh, pita, or really anything on the menu. I have been several times, and have yet to find something I don’t enjoy. The portions lend themselves for sharing, but I’ve been known to polish a hummus and labneh platter off on my own.

The boat load of veggies: The Buddah Delight with Sesame Tofu at Precious Chinese Cusine. If you’re ever out in Hoboken (just outside the city) then check out this amazing Chinese restaurant. I didn’t even like Chinese food until I went here. That’s impressive. The dish is an insane amount of Asian stir fry fresh vegetables in a light brown sauce. Then it is topped with tofu in a sesame peanut sauce. You would think that brown sauce and peanut sauce doesn’t mix, but you would be very very wrong.

The Italian cuisine: The Penne Pisticci (aka ziti) at Pisticci. I already featured this restaurant in a Foodie Friday post, but this is my favorite dish at my favorite Italian place. The mozz is homemade, the sauce is seasoned just right, and the homemade pasta is fresh and amazing.

– The place I need to check out: The Tofu Guy in the LES. There are some things making me think this guy has moved. Anyone know? Apparently his tiny storefront was the top rated restaurant in the LES on YELP in December 2010.

These are some of my favorites. What are your favorite vegetarian eats in and around NYC? I’m always looking for new places to try out!

This Week’s Loves #1

This is the first of a weekly installment I plan to write on Sundays (or Mondays in the case of long weekends such as next week). What did I love this past week? What made me happy?

– Snowfalls

– Hadley getting groomed

On his way to get groomed.

– Finding a Ciao Bella Gelato store

– Visiting Zabar’s

– Dinner with good friends from law school at an Italian-Mexican fusion restaurant.

I went the mexican route and ordered a quesadilla app for dinner.

– Wearing new outfits to work

– Breaking out my outlet find last night: $40 grey Aerosole boots – I have been looking for grey boots ever since I saw Lorelai running around in them on Gilmore Girls, but could never find a pair I liked until last week

– Becoming a soup-maker

– Continuing to reconnect with one of my oldest friends and going on a double date tonight with her and her boyfriend

– Starting PT

– Walking through Central Park when it looked like Narnia

– Visiting a free exhibit at a museum

– Starting season 2 of Friday Night Lights

– Sleeping in late on the weekends

Enjoy the last day of the weekend everyone! I know I will – I am off to go have a brunch of leftover pea soup and the other half of my Zabar’s bagel with scallion cream cheese! Tonight, Chris and I are going to sushi with one of my oldest friends that I have been lucky enough to recently reconnect with and her boyfriend. Between that, I am hoping to fit in a Target shopping trip. Happy lazy Sunday!