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My Twenty-Fifth Year in Review

I celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday yesterday. It feels funny typing that out! For some reason I had no problem turning twenty-five, but I got a little fluster over twenty-six. I guess I just always viewed twenty-six year olds as mature real adults, and I’m still just learning what it means to be a “grown up”. It helped that Chris and his sister both reassured me that twenty-six was a very kind year to both of them. I hope for me, twenty-six is the same way! I’ll recap my birthday fun (which is still on-going!) in a later post, but I think it’s important to take some time to remember my twenty-fifth year.

A Month by Month Guide to my Twenty-fifth Year

1. May: I celebrated my twenty-fifth birthday a week after my law school graduation. Three days into being twenty-five, I began my Bar Exam studies. Hilarity and hysteria ensued.

2. June: June was spent trying not to freak out over my studies and trying to get in any free time possible. Waterfalls were swam in, meals cooked, and lots of wine was consumed on my patio.

3. July: In the end of July, I sat the NY Bar Exam. I was sick – not nervous but actually sick – but managed to get through the exam. Chris and I never wish to return to Albany again.

4. August: Chris and I spent three lovely weeks in Ithaca after the Bar Exam. All our friends had moved, and it was just the two of us. We had a wonderful time taking in the town before we too left. I especially loved berry picking, Wii bowling at Applebee’s, tanning at the pool, and enjoying wine on our patio.

5. August: Chris, Hadley, and I packed up our belongings and moved to begin our lives in the big city. We had a lot of fun exploring our new neighborhood by trying out lots of different restaurants and visiting different dog parks.

6. September: I began my first job out of school as a “real person”. I haven’t had a steady paycheck since undergrad, so this was exciting on many levels.

7. October: I joined Weight Watchers, lost 15 lbs, started exercising again, and learned to live a healthier life style. I still trip up (including this past weekend!), but I’m getting better.

8. November: November was engrained in my mind like a looming dentist appointment. We knew that Bar results would be released at sometime in early November, and the anticipation was high. On the first Friday of the month, I passed the NY Bar Exam!!!! Chris did, too! We celebrated with a fancy bottle of champagne, just the two of us. Then other bar-passer friends joined for more champagne and cheers. We followed drinks with dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants in our neighborhood.

9. November: My little family joined the rest of my family in Massachusetts for Thanksgiving dinner. This was the first time my family has ever done a whole family holiday dinner, so it was a huge deal. We are planning on making this a tradition. Chris and I made our first pumpkin pie, and it was a huge success.

10. December: Holidays! The holiday season stretched extra long for us, since I celebrate Channukah and Chris celebrates Christmas, so we celebrated all December long! For Channukah, we made latkes with friends and had my family over for a holiday party. Christmas this past year was mine and Hadley’s “First Christmas”, so we all got really into it. We took turns taking gifts out of our over flowing stocks (new tradition, I hope!), made a big dinner, and woke up early to open gifts. Chris gave me my Tiffany Signature ring, which I wear most every day.

11. December/January: New Years was spent with Chris and my best friends from high school and their boyfriends at a ski cabin in PA. It was great to get everyone together. My knees even cooperated enough to let me ski for half a day.

12. January: New Years came with lots of resolutions. I started this blog and resolved to keep it going, at least until October when I begin my firm job. I resolved to read 30 novels this year via the Good Reads Book Challenge. So far, I’m reading book #16. Also, I resolved to find a workout class that I love. If you read my blog, you know I’m in love with Pilates.

13. February: On a whim, I bought a Groupon for a month at a local Pilates studio. I feel in love with the classes, and feel that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now I do Pilates twice a week, and this has helped my knees so much that I am able to run again!

14. February: February brought many celebrations. Valentine’s Day was spent ice skating at Bryant Park, and our Anniversary Weekend was spent at a dog-friendly B&B in Upstate NY.

15. March: On March 28th, I was officially sworn into the NY Bar! Finally, officially a lawyer. I was glad my mom and Chris were able to make it to the ceremony to witness me taking my oath.

16. April: I spent most the month eagerly anticipating my upcoming vacation while Chris worked his days and nights away. Mid-month, he regained free time, and we spent a lot of time catching up. We hosted a Passover sedar for my family, which was a great success.

17. April/May: Cruise!!! We enjoyed a 9 night cruise where we had a fabulous time and got fabulous tans. I still am trying to curb my cruise-induced appetite.

18. May: My brother graduated college, Chris’s family came out for a fun-packed visit, Chris was sworn into the NY Bar, and I turned twenty-six!!!

What a long, wonderful year. I wonder what twenty-six will hold for me.