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No wet dogs here

My dog hates the rain. I know a lot of dogs don’t love it, but Hadley takes it to a new level. Yesterday, I came home from work, and he was excited as usual to go for his walk. I put on my rain jacket (well Chris’s really, but it nice and big on me), and his mood went from let’s go let’s go to if we must. We got downstairs and were ready to exited the building when he started investigating the mat in the entry way. It was full of wet footprints. Well Hadley put two and two together, decided it must indeed be raining, and that he would not have anything to do with it. He turned around and headed right back to the elevators. I was happy there was a man there to see it, because someone got to share in my laugh at my crazy pup. When we got inside, he still rolled around on the couch like he does when he’s wet, just to make sure that none of the horrible rain managed to get on him. Silly puppy.

I may hate rain, but I love snow!

Since Hadley was most definitely not going on a walk, I decided to use the time to hit up the gym early. I was able to get in a crazy good workout. I continued on with my strength training, mixing it up a little from last week, but doing mostly the same workout. Then, I kicked my own tush on the treadmill. I made up the workout as I went along and rather liked it. Here’s what I did:

Minutes: Pace
1-2: 3.3 – warm up
2-5: 6.0
5-6: 8.0
6-7: 7.0
7-8: 7.5 pace
8-11: 6.0 pace – recovery
11-12: 8.0
12-13: 7.0
13-14: 7.5
Take a water break and repeat above from 14-28 minutes.
28-32: 3.3 – cool down

I was a sweaty mess when I was done! While I was foam rolling along, I received a nice compliment. A lady at the gym introduced herself as a trainer and complimented me on how I always work out hard. She then offered to train me, so the compliment may have been part of a the wooing process all along, but I still appreciated it. I would love to take personal training sessions, but that’s not in the budget. Perhaps one day.

My evening from there was lovely. Usually I’m not done with the gym until 8, but since I went early, I was finished before 7. I was able to use my extra time to fix up a filling lunch for today of lots of veggies, potatoes, and Indian simmer sauce stir fried together. Sodarnfilling.

The night ended in a good way: I popped Smartpop Popcorn and enjoyed it in bed watching American Dreams. I think popcorn and TV is my new favorite bedtime activity for those nights were Chris is working dreadfully late. That and of course cuddling with Hadley.

Hug me, kiss me, love me.

NYC Record Heat

What does one wear in weather that feels like 116 degrees? In NYC? I know that some places get that hot regularly, but here in NYC, we don’t do this kind of weather. The city is smelly and hot. The train took 45 minutes instead of its regular 20. The crazy people that roam the streets of the somewhat shady area I work in have gotten crazier. A homeless man threw a bottle top at me and yelled something unrecognizable. For all of this, I blame the heat.

This morning, I couldn’t figure out how to still be office appropriate (aka not show up in a bathing suit which is probably the only thing I actually wanted to wear) and not become an utter mess on my commute. I went with my lightest of sun dresses and hoped that it would the trick. So far, its passing the test.

But 116 degrees? Ohmygosh I hope this breaks soon. Yesterday, I sweated more going to and from Pilates than I did at the class, which I know is a sexy over-share. And now I am over-complaining. It’s just that my brain cannot comprehend this hot hot heat. See, it’s really all the heats fault.

Baby brother is coming in tomorrow to watch HP at night, and we had planned on adventuring around the City during the day. What does one do in NYC in this extreme heat? Preferably something that doesn’t involve a massive amount of sweating and does involve air conditioning?

I have some beat the heat plans going on tonight that I’m excited about though:

– Attending temple services in my AIR CONDITIONED synagogue
– Dinner at 5 Napkins Burger to finally try out their raved about veggie burger in their AIR CONDITIONED dining room
– Drinks at a local bar suggested by a co-worker that has been promised to be AIR CONDITIONED

Stay cool everyone! Remember that your pets get hot, too! Keep the A/C on for them when you’re out, keep walks to a quick-need-be basis, and lots and lots of water. For gosh sakes, don’t even bring your poor dog in a car in this weather.

Of course ignore all this pet advice if you happen to own an iguana. I believe they like the sun?

Strenght Training Firsts

Super exhausted today and not a 100% sure why. Perhaps it’s the heat wave we are experiencing? NYC in 95 degree heat is no fun, especially the subways which smell awful. People stink in this heat. It’s no fun to ride up next to them. This heat wave isn’t scheduled to break until Monday, and I will welcome the drop to a chilly eighty something degrees. I do cold much better than heat these days.

Yesterday I did my first strength training work out, which I modified from a post I read on Tina’s blog.

Sets: 2
Reps: 12
Weight: 10lb hand weights
– Push-ups
– Upright Rows
– Shoulder Press
– Hammer Curls
– Dips

When I was done pumping iron, I stuck with Carrots n’ Cake for a cardio workout that I also modified to my needs:
– 00:00 – 05:00: 6.3 mph
– 05:00 – 07:00: 6.5 mph
– 07:00 – 09:00: 6.6 mph
– 09:00 – 11:00: 6.7 mph
– 11:00 – 16:00: 6.8 mph
– 16:00 – 18:00: 6.0 mph
– 18:00 – 21:00: 6.5 mph
– 21:00 – 22:00: 6.7 mph
– 22:00 – 23:00: 7.5 mph
– 23:00 – 24:00: 6.5 mph
– 24:00 – 25:00: 7.5 mph
– 25:00 – 30:00: 3.6 mph (cool down walk)

I was an exhausted, sweaty mess after my work out. I did find the strength to go for falafel, though. Yum.
The night ended as all good weeknights do: a trip to the dog park with my boys, reading a little from a great book, and watching some Parks & Recreation.

Let’s hope I get my energy back up for Pilates tonight!

It’s a hot one

My morning started with a run along the river with Chris. It wasn’t as easy as our first run, because I’m still a little sore from my kickboxing mishap. Also, since we’re in the middle of a heat wave, it was already decently hot at 7AM. Still, we got in our 25 minutes and were able to match each others pace. I love running with Chris, because there’s no way I’d pull myself out of bed earlier than I need to without knowing that he’s doing this with me.

My office is closed today and tomorrow. Today I deemed my relaxing day and spent it catching up with Make It or Break It (a so bad it’s good show) and starting Parenthood (this series seems actually good). I also took Hadley to the dog park. I didn’t grab my camera and missed out on some great photo ops. Not only did Hadley have a great time playing ball with another Welshie, he also tried to fit himself into a bucket to keep cool and when that didn’t work rolled around in a mud puddle. Needless to say, he  was so messy that I had to carry him into the bathtub so he didn’t get paw prints all over my apartment!

I also visited the library to pick up a DVD for Chris and discovered that they have an updated CD collection. I took out five CDs – Bob Dylan, Rascall Flats, Kelly Pickler, Nickel Creek, and Kenny Chesney – and I’m currently loading them onto my Ipod. Sweet!

Tonight, Chris and I are meeting to get a little shopping done. I’m hoping to follow it up with some Mexican food, because I’m craving it something fierce. Anyone know any good Mexican food in NYC? I’m fine with Tex-Mex, but not so much with all this expensive fancy Mexi food I keep running into here.

How did you spend this super hot day?

Oh happy day

April has not only brought lots of showers (let’s hope for lots of May flowers!), but it’s also brought with it a lot of stress-inducing events. I seemed to have stumbled into a run of mishaps and little annoyances that were really starting to take their toll. But yesterday, my April began to turn around. Yesterday was a great day. Why was yesterday so happy? Let me bullet-point it for you (because to me, a good list is happy):

  • Work was very productive. I enjoy a day where I keep busy and achieve my work-day goals.
  • It was supposed to rain all day, but the afternoon was warm and sunny. I got to venture outside for lunch without my winter jacket.
  • Hadley went to the groomer. I dropped him off before work and picked him up afterwards. The groomer said he did so well hanging out with her all day that from now on she’s going to charge us less because he is such a pleasure. Also, Hadley doesn’t smell like wet dog anymore.
  • I weighed myself for the first time in a month, so I could know how much weight I have to lose to reach my cruise-time goal. I lost a pound in March will aiming to maintain my current weight, so this was a happy surprise.
  • My run on the treadmill yesterday was a great one. I had lots of energy and my two miler felt good. I was able to rock out a sub-8 minute mile for my second mile, and I could have gone faster if I knew I would have so much left at the end. It feels good to be getting back into a running groove.
  • Chris got out of work before midnight!!! In fact he got out of work in time for a late dinner. This only happens once in a while, since he is mid trial and is absolutely slammed at work. We went out to dinner at a local pub-style restaurant where we kicked back, enjoyed a beer, and I polished off a delicious ahi tuna salad.
  • We caught up on bad TV together. Nothing is more fun that watching truly bad TV with the man you love.

Let’s hope April is now on the up and up!

Winter, I’m Over You

Every year there comes a time where I am completely over my winter clothes. That time this year is NOW. I am going to try my best to avoid wearing heavy stockings for the rest of the season. I probably will have to still wear my thin pairs, but I’m going to do my best to avoid those, too. Today I wore a skirt with boots and no stockings and was good to go, but if I go out at night I probably need to throw on a pair.

To combat my winter blues, I am wearing a sunny bright yellow sweater today. Its making me feel like warm is on its way.

Here’s a list of things about winter that I am over:

– I’m over having to wear so many layers outside, that I immediately start sweating when I get inside.

– I’m over having to shop or be in a restaurant while juggling a jacket, sweater, gloves, earmuffs, and scarf.

– I’m over having to wear super thick stockings. This is one of my favorite things to do in December, but now I’m over it.

– I’m over my jacket having its top button missing, but I cannot take it to get fixed until I can go outside without it.

– I’m over not wanting to venture out on a weekend afternoon, because it’s so much warmer in my apartment.

– I’m over that dark dreary and somewhat dirty veil that is over the city in the winter.

– I’m really over not being able to commute in flip flops.

So yes, I am ready for spring.

What are you over about winter?

This Week’s Loves #6

This is a weekly post where I take time to be thankful for the small extras that made me happy this past week.

– Teaching Hadley to jump on the bed on the count of three. This is both cute and convenient.

I like to learn new tricks. I'm smart like that.

– Trying out a new falafel place near my apartment where I got to add my own toppings.



– NYC soaring to 60 degrees on Friday.

– Wearing my awesome Nordstrom’s Rack find for the first time.

My most favorite heels ever.

– Watching Hadley go mud-splashing in the dog park. He needed a bath afterwards, but he had so much fun doing it.

– Rocking a denim mini skirt from AE out on Friday. I haven’t been able to wear a denim mini since 1L year.

My first purchase off my Spring Wish List.

 – Having a family sleepover after dinner on Saturday night.

– Enjoying pizza I made in my own oven.

Out of the oven.

– Running my first sub-8 minute mile in probably as many years.

– Purchasing the Victoria Secret yoga shorties I have been eyeing for over a month. Pilates makes a tush look good!

– Having a three day weekend to celebrate our Presidents.

Thanks Mr. Presidents!


What are your loves from this past week?

Sleepiness, Ice Skating, and Red Velvet Cake

I am le tired today. Extremely tired. I slept decent last night – 7 hours, people! – but I am still so very sleepy. I almost sprang for cup of coffee number 2, but restraint because of past coffee addictions and poured myself a cup of tea. Hopefully it will do the trick. I think this sleepiness has to do with the flip-flop weather conditions we’ve experienced over the last few days. Yesterday was glorious and in the 40’s, today feels like 17 with the wind chill. I am so ready for spring!

Still, Valentine’s Day Night 2 was fabbity-fab (I say things like this when I am tired, excuse me). As I mentioned, as per tradition I plan Valentine’s Day and Chris does our anniversary, which is coming up later in the month. I think I did a pretty good job with the Valentine’s Day planning. Forget all the men running around NYC yesterday with bouquets and Victoria Secret bags, this girl was in charge. Chris and I met at Bryant Park to go ice skating. It was all cute and romantic waiting for him by the fountain. I bought a Daily Candy deal, so we had a cut the line pass. We went in past the long line, strapped on our skates, and hit the ice. It was my first time ice skating in NYC, and something I wanted to do for some time. Bryant Park’s ice skating rink is in a great location as it is surrounded by tall buildings that wink at you in the dark. There was a large screen outside the rink that was playing The Cutting Edge which was a nice touch. The rink was pretty crowded, and at times Chris and I felt pretty old with all those damn high school kids messing around, but we still got a good skate on. We even got to take time out to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate!

Sorry for the blurriness - I was ice skating.

After we left, we stopped at Lucky Burger to grab dinner. I gobbled down my Veggie Burger so fast that I forgot to take a picture! We also split some fries that I was so hungry for that I willing burnt the top of my mouth. Ice skating works up an appetite!I enjoyed these lamps at Lucky Burger.

When we got home, we ended Valentine’s Day the best way we could think of: cuddled in bed with Hadley, eating Red Velvet Cake, and catching up on Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother. Romantic? Sure, why not.

Obviously, this past weekend I have been in celebration mood and not diet/healthy lifestyle mode. Time to start eating right again starting today! As long as I don’t fall asleep in my lemon tea …

Rain is a Good Thing?

“Rain makes corn/Corn makes whiskey/Whiskey makes my baby, feel a little frisky.”

Luke Bryan says that rain is a good thing. I can see the justification – I’m not a big fan of whiskey, but I do like corn. However, I think even Luke would agree that freezing rain in NYC is not a good thing. Not only is the city lacking in corn fields, but I am pretty sure freezing rain is not good for corn. Which means no whiskey. Which means Luke’s baby isn’t feeling frisky. Sorry Luke.


NYC is one huge freezing mess today. The streets are filled with a slushy mixed made only better by the fact that the sidewalks are iced and more ice is falling from the sky. Good thing I have my awesome bubble gum pink rainboots. I seriously don’t understand how people are walking around in any other kind of shoe today. I saw one girl walking tip-toeing at a snail pace in her Tory Burch flats. Bad move.

Not rainboots.

I should recap last night, since I wasn’t able to put up a post. I went to PT for probably the last time in a while. I felt that I wasn’t getting any new information from them, and the only thing I was getting in the sessions that I couldn’t do for myself was the ultrasound on my knees at the end of the workout. It takes up 2 hours of my nights twice a week, and I’d rather work on my knees myself and get to have more gym time. I can always go back if it isn’t the best idea.

When I came home from PT, I was delighted to find out that not only was Chris home from work, but along with making himself dinner, he made me a baked potato topped with feta. Yum! Chris figured I wouldn’t be home in time to eat dinner with him, so he took the opportunity to make himself some chicken. I was really proud of the healthy food effort he is making. Last night he had chicken and a baked potato with feta. Good decisions! I’m happy to know that my healthier eating choices of late have been influencing others.

I paired my baked potato with yet another BLTease, because I am obsessed.

Do you feel that your healthy decisions influence someone else? Are you ever influenced to make healthy decisions by another person?

Too Cold To Snow

This morning started with me running to the window and hoping for SNOW! Instead there was a lot of SLUDGE! Really not the same thing. I had the same breakfast as yesterday and slipped and slide into work.

For lunch, I made myself an excellent sandwich.


Havarti cheese, tomato and lots of spinach with light mayo on an Arnold Sandwich Thin. I also had some leftover chickpeas that needed to be eaten. Who I am to say no to chickpeas?

Later in the day I smelt someone popping popcorn, and I just needed to get me some. Thankfully, our office is kind enough to keep the cabinets stocked with popcorn bags. I popped some and put my serving size on my plate – did you know there are 3.5 servings in those bags? – so that I wouldn’t overeat like yesterday.

After work I came home. I seem to be pretty hungry today, so I made myself a plate of carrots and celery.

Hadley decided he wanted some of my veggies.

Mom, please?

So I decided to share some carrots with him.

Happy puppy.

Tonight I’m venturing back into the cold (negatives with the windchill!) to meet to friends from undergrad at Ideya. Even though I may have to wear my Upstate NY super jacket tonight to make it through, I’m still pretty excited to see my friends. I’ll be sure to update you on the restaurant tomorrow. Have a good night all!