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No wet dogs here

My dog hates the rain. I know a lot of dogs don’t love it, but Hadley takes it to a new level. Yesterday, I came home from work, and he was excited as usual to go for his walk. I put on my rain jacket (well Chris’s really, but it nice and big on me), and his mood went from let’s go let’s go to if we must. We got downstairs and were ready to exited the building when he started investigating the mat in the entry way. It was full of wet footprints. Well Hadley put two and two together, decided it must indeed be raining, and that he would not have anything to do with it. He turned around and headed right back to the elevators. I was happy there was a man there to see it, because someone got to share in my laugh at my crazy pup. When we got inside, he still rolled around on the couch like he does when he’s wet, just to make sure that none of the horrible rain managed to get on him. Silly puppy.

I may hate rain, but I love snow!

Since Hadley was most definitely not going on a walk, I decided to use the time to hit up the gym early. I was able to get in a crazy good workout. I continued on with my strength training, mixing it up a little from last week, but doing mostly the same workout. Then, I kicked my own tush on the treadmill. I made up the workout as I went along and rather liked it. Here’s what I did:

Minutes: Pace
1-2: 3.3 – warm up
2-5: 6.0
5-6: 8.0
6-7: 7.0
7-8: 7.5 pace
8-11: 6.0 pace – recovery
11-12: 8.0
12-13: 7.0
13-14: 7.5
Take a water break and repeat above from 14-28 minutes.
28-32: 3.3 – cool down

I was a sweaty mess when I was done! While I was foam rolling along, I received a nice compliment. A lady at the gym introduced herself as a trainer and complimented me on how I always work out hard. She then offered to train me, so the compliment may have been part of a the wooing process all along, but I still appreciated it. I would love to take personal training sessions, but that’s not in the budget. Perhaps one day.

My evening from there was lovely. Usually I’m not done with the gym until 8, but since I went early, I was finished before 7. I was able to use my extra time to fix up a filling lunch for today of lots of veggies, potatoes, and Indian simmer sauce stir fried together. Sodarnfilling.

The night ended in a good way: I popped Smartpop Popcorn and enjoyed it in bed watching American Dreams. I think popcorn and TV is my new favorite bedtime activity for those nights were Chris is working dreadfully late. That and of course cuddling with Hadley.

Hug me, kiss me, love me.

MDW Recap

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day Weekend! Mine started out right with a visit from my best friend from college, Kelley. We had dinner with Chris at a restaurant I’ve wanted to try out for a while, Westville. We actually went to their Chelsea location, go figure. I was drawn to the restaurant because it’s a fun setting and provides both healthy and not so healthy eating options. We started with their four-choice market vegetable plate. We shared grilled asparagus, chickpea and olive salad, plantains, and a mushroom medley. It was so yummy that I forgot to take a picture! For our main course we all choose two hot dogs and a side. My hot dogs were vegan hot dogs and topped with relish and sauerkraut. My side was Dijon cauliflower.

My main course wasn’t nearly as good as the veggie plate. Chris liked his a lot, though, as did Kelley. Still, I would go back. The restaurant was really inviting and the salads that passed by my table looked amazing.

Chris's hotdogs: one meat chili, one relish and a side of fries.

After dinner, Chris went to meet up with a friend, and Kelley and I checked out a Comedy Club. It wasn’t our type of humor, but we decided it was worth it to try something new. You win some, you lose some, right?

Saturday started off with brunch outside by the Hudson. It was a perfectly sunny day and more than enjoyable. After brunch, Kelley and I got our exercise in by spending the next four hours meandering through NYC. We stopped at a Street Fair for some fuel:

Mine. I dream about grilled corn.

Hers: can't go wrong with a nutella crepe.

 And saw some pretty sites:

And I used a gift certificate (thanks Carrie!) to get this new toy:

Food processor!

After our walk, we got ready for my birthday party. Kelley was my college roommate, and I forgot how much fun it is to get ready with another girl. Chris just doesn’t get the singing to music while trying on clothes thing. Boys. When we were all ready, we met up with the rest of my friends at a small Italian restaurant. They set a long table for us lined with candles – perfect! Most the pictures didn’t come out, because of the low lights, but everything was delicious. Dinner was followed by drinks at a bar. It was a great night, and I’m thankful to have so many wonderful people in my life.

Sunday can be summed up in one word: lazy. We slept late, Chris made us all waffles and eggs (including Hadley regarding the egg), Kelley introduced us to HGTV, and I finally suggested a Target trip. Chris and I were so excited to have Kelley’s car to use instead of our normal routine of dragging everything back that we went a little overboard. I know have a fully stocked kitchen!

Our best find, this huge thing of olive oil for $6! decorations.

 Monday was a great capstone to the long weekend. Kelley, Chris, I ate lunch outside at an adorable falafel restaurant. My falafel pita was oh so good! Plus, they had some cute decorations.

Nom nom nom.True beans.


Lunch was followed with Kelley having to say goodbye to head back to Philly. Chris headed to work, and I headed to meet a friend at Union Square. I made a quick trip to Trader Joe’s – because after Target we needed more food – but really, because I can’t resist their good deals.  I then headed home to give my apartment the cleaning love it needed. I ended my night making hummus. Recipe to come!!!

How did you spend Memorial Day Weekend? If you made it to the beach, I’m jealous!

Mount Veggie

Sometimes I crave vegetables like crazy. Fine, often I crave vegetables like crazy. When I crave vegetables, I don’t want a flimsy side of broccoli (actually I do like broccoli but that’s not the point). When I crave vegetables, I want a pile of vegetables roughly the size of a small mountain. So that’s what I made last night.

Potato and Mixed Vegetable Curry

Cook baking potato. I’m lame and just make mine in the microwave. Chop up veggies of choice – I had zucs, onions, and green peppers on hand – and sauté in frying pan. Crumble in tofu. Toss in some chickpeas, because all meals are better with chickpeas. Mix in ¼ cup of curry sauce – I enjoy using Golden Temple sauces. Add salt, pepper, oregano, ginger, and curry powder. Cube baked potato – watch it, it’s hot, don’t burn your hands. Add vegetables and curry sauce over potato. Enjoy your pile of vegetables.

  You are what you eat?

Sorry no actual photo – I’m still working on that camera situation. But this was good and easy. And it looked pretty appetizing, too. Promise.

Veggiversary Week: Monday’s Meals

Monday’s Veggiversary Lunch: Whole Foods Chick Salad

For lunch yesterday, I indulged in a favorite of mine: Chick Salad from Whole Foods. This stuff is seriously good. It also is seriously well priced at only $2.50 a container. I love its texture, and unlike some veggie meat products, it keeps me full for a long time. In my opinion, it tastes of chicken, but not so much as to freak me out. When a veggie meat tastes exactly like a meat product, I tend not to like it. The Chick Salad is mixed with mayo and celery to bring it all together. I enjoyed it on a toasted English Muffin. Super yum.

Monday’s Veggiversary Dinner: Whole Foods Butternut Squash Ravioli with Peppers and Onions

For dinner last night, I tried Whole Foods ravioli for the first time. They were priced at $3.99, so I decided I picked them up on my Sunday shopping trip. The ravioli were super simple to make. All I had to do was boil water, bring it to a low boil, and pop the ravioli in for 8 mintues. While it cooked, I chopped up onions and pepper and sautéed them in a little bit of butter with salt and pepper. I combined it all in the bowl to add an extra something to the ravioli. I really enjoyed the meal. The ravioli where sweet and the vegetables mixed in gave it a fresh edge. I enjoyed finding a ravioli option without any cheese, because that’s where extra calories come in. I would recommend this dish all year-round, but I am especially excited to continue to enjoy its fresh appeal during the warmer months.

Veggiversary Week

March marks the 10 year anniversary of my life sans meat. When I was 15, I became a pescatarian. Ten years have some how gone by, and I couldn’t let it go without a celebration! To celebrate, this whole week will be dedicated to vegetarian meals, recipes, and lifestyle. Happy Veggiversary!!


Happy 10-year Veggiversary!



When I first stop eating meat at 15, I did so for many reasons. I no longer liked the idea of eating animals. I wanted to eat a diet more focused in vegetables and fruit. I enjoyed the reported health benefits of a diet without meat. I tried to be a vegetarian once before, when I was 13, and that time I didn’t eat fish. It was especially hard, because my parents didn’t understand my decision and decided I had to prepare most my meals on my own. This left me eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cereal, and junk food. I felt sick and found out I was pretty anemic. The whole experiment lasted only a few months.

You're good, but not that good.

When I was 15, I decided to give it another go, but this time decided to keep eating fish. I admit that fish are animals and deserve compassion as much as any other animal. My reasoning for eating fish is that it has allowed me to maintain not eating other meat over the past 10 years. If I cut-off eating fish, I fear that I would end up eating meat again. In honor of my Veggiversary, I am going to go the whole week without eating fish. Maybe I’ll realize that I don’t feel limited at all, and will continue from there. We all do what we can, right?


Over my last ten years sans meat, I have seen the world change a lot – at least my little corner of the world. In 2001, there weren’t many vegetarian options offered at restaurants. Sometimes I would find a veggie burger, but often I would be stuck with a salad minus the meat. I often felt restricted when I went out to eat. Supermarkets stocked some vegetarian products, but not many. Morningstar was already producing their chick patty’s though, so I focused on eating those for many meals. In fact, I still eat those a few times a week. I am a fool for Morningstar products.

I will always love you.

In the last few years, I have seen vegetarian options skyrocket. I am sure this also has something to do with me moving from suburbia to international-Washington, DC then to vegan-friendly Ithaca, and lastly to we-have-everything NYC. Still, even in my hometown, I feel that every restaurant has numerous vegetarian options and most supermarkets are stock full of meal starters for the non-meat eater.

Also, when I first became a vegetarian, I knew literally one other person who was one. Now, a lot of my friends are either vegetarians, pescatarians, or try to eat a reduced-meat diet. It is not that I am seeking out people that don’t eat meat, it’s just that I believe more people are becoming conscience about the food they consume, and it has thus lead them to reduce their meat consumption. I even feel that I’ve had to justify my decision to forgo meat a lot less in the past few years. Maybe the world is waking up to the idea of a less meat-based diet? Or maybe it’s just becoming friendly to those of us who choose that path? Probably the later, because Americans still love their hamburgers, but still, it’s a welcome change.

You Know What Makes a Great Snack?

Sliced cucumbers! Perfect for one of our first spring days. Plus, they have St. Patrick’s Day spirit!

Eating Hearts Out

When walking home from work yesterday a sign caught my eye “Artichokes 99 CENTS”. I decided it would be fun to buy one and incorporate it into my meal. I came home after Pilates and realized I had no  clue how to cook an artichoke. Neither did Lauren. Thankfully Chris said, put it in a pot of water and boil it. Okay, I can do that.


While the artichoke boiled, Lauren and I prepped the rest of our dinner. We chopped up scallions and tomatoes and prepped some broccoli cheddar cous-cous. We waited and waited for the artichoke to cook through. Apparently they take a while. When it was finally done, we  didn’t like how the leaves tasted – Chris insisted you eat them, but I’m not sure – so we chopped through to the heart. It was sad that our giant artichoke resulted in us eating a tiny heart. But it was a yummy heart. Oh this just sounds wrong. I’m don’t even eat meat!


How do you eat these?

We mixed the artichoke heart, scallions, and tomatoes in with the cous-cous, added tofu and chickpeas, and topped with feta.

Before mixing it all together.

It was filling, tasty, and fun to cook a new vegetable. On tonight’s plate is another veggie I’ve never cooked  before: Brussel Sprouts. Try any new vegetables lately?

Great Recipe #1 of the Day

Since Chris is working late tonight, I got to work in the kitchen when I got home from work to keep myself entertained. I made not one, but two phenomenal new eats that I want to share. My first great recipe was inspired by Melissa, who mentioned that she mixed spaghetti squash with regular pasta. I thought that sounded like an excellent idea. I gave it a try for dinner tonight and not only was it fabulous, but it made me feel like I doubled my pasta portion. If you like pasta, you will like this recipe.

Spaghetti Squash and Pasta Marinara

To make the Spaghetti Squash: This can be done on the same day or on an earlier day. To make, preheat the oven to 350 degrees, slice the squash in half, clean out the seeds, and bake on a cookie sheet for 45 minutes. Be sure to let it cool when it comes out of the oven, as it will be very hot. When cool enough to handle, take a large spoon and scrape out the “meat” of the squash. It will come out in strings that resemble spaghetti.

To make the rest: Mix one cup of Spaghetti Squash with one cup of cooked angel hair pasta (I used whole wheat). Add  marinara sauce, diced peppers and onions, and parmesan cheese. Mix. Heat in microwave for 2 minutes. Top with feta cheese (optional) and enjoy!

You are so beautiful to me.

Look out for Great Recipe #2 of the Day.

Going Greek

I was lucky enough to spend yesterday and today with my brother, Corey, and cousin, Jason. Jason lives out in LA, but his work has sent him out to my area for a few months. They actually came over late Friday night after my book club, but we didn’t get to hang out until the next day.

We hung out and caught up during the day and stored up energy to go out at night. We started our night at a BBQ place called Brother Jimmy’s. First we enjoyed hush puppies (not so healthy, but we split the app 3-ways). Then for my main dish, I ordered a salad, since there isn’t much at BBQ place for someone who doesn’t eat meat. The salad was surprisingly good. The best part about it was that there was sliced sweet potato in it. I would have never thought to put cold sweet potato in a salad, but now I am going to copy the idea.

We spent the rest of the night meeting up with a friend of mine who also had a cousin visiting. Yay, for family!

Today, I introduced Jason to ABC Family’s Greek and we spent the next many hours pretending to relive college. It’s amazing to see how much the characters have developed and changed since Season 1. I still think it’s amazing that Rusty hit Evan with a pledge paddle.

After Corey and Jason left, I stocked up on produce at my local veggie market. I love this market, because I can get lots of fresh produce for a low price. Check out what I got for $11.

I'm set for the week!

For dinner, and perhaps with Greek on my mind, I recreated a favorite dish from a local Greek restaurant.

Greek Salmon with Roasted Vegetables

I sliced up onions, green peppers, zucchini, and broccoli and put it on a baking sheet with 1 Tbs of olive oil and seasoned with garlic, pepper, and salt. Then I prepped my salmon with lots of lemon juice and lemon pepper seasoning. I placed the salmon on the same baking sheet as the veggies and cooked at 350. I didn’t time it, but rather, just waited until the salmon looked cooked through. Meanwhile, I made some instant garlic couscous on the oven and toasted a half piece of pita bread. I served whole thing mixed together with a little bit of low-fat yogurt.