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Wins v Fails

So you tell me, win or fail: I didn’t keep to my menu plan last night, because Chris came home surprisingly early from work and offered to take me out for Thai food.

I’ll go with win, because I am simply making my meal from last night tonight. Plus, I have left over pad thai for lunch. Double plus, I got to spend some time with the boy before he worked from home. What do you think, win or fail?

Other wins from yesterday:
– I fell in love with a new cereal for breakfast, Kashi Berry Blossoms. It is especially good a few dried cranberries are tossed into the mix.
– I took the time to read on our patio last night with a white wine spritzer (it’s really about 1/4 wine, 3/4 seltzer, which makes a bottle of wine last forever).
– I finally got really into my book, Little Women. I’ve been meaning to read this for ages, as it’s my favorite movie of all times. – Hadley carried his dirty tennis ball on his own to/from the dog park.
– I found the energy to clean both the kitchen and put away all my laundry.
– Chris and I are finally beginning to understand the hype behind Community.

And a few fails, because what’s up without down?:
– I woke up with that allergy-head-shovel-to-face feeling.
– My hair is dry beyond belief, and I’ve no clue what to do beyond wait it out.
– My favorite brown tank top got destroyed in the wash.

7 wins to 3 fails clearly equals a win for the day. Also, heavy cleaning counts as cardio, right?

What are the wins and fails of your day?

Week #1 Dinner Menu

Yea, yea – I haven’t been the best blogger ever. My pictures seem to never want to upload on Chris’s computer (yes, I really need to replace mine), and then I get sad that I can’t post pictures, and then I get frustrated, and then I don’t post. So today, sans photos, I am posting. Go me!

I often find myself running around more in the summer than in the winter. It’s just so nice out, all I want to do is be outside! This means I often find myself not cooking or not cooking as healthy as I do in the colder months. My attempt to remedy the situation? A dinner menu for the week! If I plan ahead, then maybe I can actually cook and cook healthy!:

Monday: Baked potato chopped with sautéed veggies and tofu in an Indian simmer sauce. Tuesday: Baked salmon over a Caesar salad.
Wednesday: Couscous with mixed vegetables, feta, chickpeas. Probably will throw in some tofu. Thursday: Rice bowl with tofu, broccoli, soy sauce.
Friday: Hopefully Chris will get out of work early and we can enjoy some Indian food on the cheap!

Weekly shopping list: Baked potato, green pepper, yellow onion, zucchini, yellow squash, baby carrots, cucumber, tofu, couscous, scallions, lemon, salmon, feta.

Let’s see if I can stick to my Week #1 Dinner Menu. If so, then get excited for Week #2. Maybe the computer will be agreeable, and I can post some pictures of my meals.

Rain in the forecast

Tomorrow is supposed to be my Chris and my first 5k together. Only the weather forecast is calling for thunderstorms! Are 5k called off for thunderstorms? I’ve haven’t been training in the rain …

Hopefully the weathermen (and women!) are wrong, and tomorrow will be lovely. I’m planning on prepping tonight with lots of stretching and positive thinking. Also, I’m going to create a Race Day playlist. 3.1 miles isn’t long, but it’s a enough time to get a few motivational songs in. I’ve never raced with headphones in, but I’ve seeing that I won’t be so much racing as trying to finish, I think the headphones are alright.

Which brings me to my goals for tomorrow’s race. Chris and I have one small goal for our first race: don’t walk. If I can run the whole thing, even if I am cruising at a snail pace, then I will feel that my goal’s been met. This will be hard for me, because I have only ever run a race for place and time. Sure, it’s been years, but I know that competitive person is still in me. I have to allow for people who’ve been running for longer to go ahead of me, and I can’t mind that my pace is super slow. My biggest fear for the race is that I’ll go out fast and die halfway through. It would be a really sad way to go.

So yes, let’s hope for: 1) good weather 2) good pacing 3) and a good overall race for Chris and I! Hopefully, I’ll have a race to tell you about soon!

Kicking my own butt

As promised, I trucked through my 3 mile run last night. I didn’t head out until 7:30 so it wasn’t sweltering, but it was still pretty hot out. The heat definitely took a toll on me, and though I ran a little less than I did on Friday, I felt a lot more was taken out of me during the run. When I got home, I forced myself to do some foam rolling and then plopped on the couch. I would’ve been content spending the entire night without moving off of it – I was that exhausted.

Finally, around nine, I convinced myself that I needed a good dinner. Does anyone else often eat dinner past 8:30 or is it just a me-thing? I went for quick and easy, because it was late and Chris was working late. Also, because the couch was screaming at me for leaving it. I baked a piece of salmon that I seasoned with lemon juice and garlic. Will it cooked, I broke out the Trader Joe’s frozen asparagus risotto and heated it up. I combined both and paired with a glass of 3 Buck Chuck. The risotto was so good – it didn’t taste like freezer food at all!

While eating dinner, I started in on a new series for me American Dreams. Netflix kept suggesting it, so when I found Season 1 on Amazon for $10, I decided to pick it up. I’m two episodes in and so far so good. I especially love the historical aspect of it and how big events are intertwined with the characters lives.

What’s one thing I failed to do last night? Make Chris a birthday cake! His birthday is today and though I bought all the ingredients, I was too exhausted to bake last night. That means tonight I’ll be baking a cake and cooking dinner for my birthday boy.

Which brings me to: Happy Birthday Chris!

I love birthdays, and can’t wait to spoil him tonight. I’ve been itching to give him his gift ever since I bought it last week. Let’s hope he loves it!

Burn, Baby, Burn

Any other heart burn suffers out there? I always saw the Pepto commercials, but I never myself had to deal with the pink stuff until my second year of law school. My heartburn would get so bad at times that I would find myself calling Chris to come to my apartment with a carton of milk in the middle of the night. A friend of mine, who is much more knowledgeable about these things than I, said that milk helps being a base and all. I knew the heartburn had something to do with a mix of gaining weight, being stressed, and not eating as healthy as I should be, so I felt it was justified to attack me. I took some medicine and promised to get healthy later.

Now, I’ve gotten healthier (I could never say I’m completely healthy, what with my love for dark chocolate and a glass of wine). I’ve lost the weight I gained and try my best to eat healthy (I’ll really never fully stop stressing, it’s ingrained). Still heartburn gets me from time to time. Maybe it’s one of those get it once, have it for good type of things? Over the last two days I’ve had some major heart burn issues. The good news is that I reasoned buying fro yo for later was a good call, because it’s a dairy product. Fro yo is dairy right? Well, either way, I hope it helps …

Do you suffer from heartburn? Any advice on how to deal with a bout of it?

Besides my griping on heartburn, I’m excited to ring in the weekend. I’m planning on starting my evening on the treadmill to complete a 3 mile run. Now that Chris and I are running outside, we aren’t exactly sure how far we are running. I’m hoping to get a sense of how long it takes me to run on the treadmill, so I can have a better guestimate to our outdoors distance. How does mileage on the treadmill transfer to running on flat surfaces outside?

Following my run, I plan on grabbing dinner with a friend, and hopefully enjoying some wine from the sweet view my apartment complex’s shared patio provides of the city. That’s only if it’s doesn’t rain, of course, so here’s hoping for sunshine! What are your weekend plans?

Running Advice Needed

Chris and I started our morning with a 25 minute run along the Hudson. It’s great being able to exercise together and to start the day in a positive manner. The one issue that we are both having is after our runs we are sore. My knees are a constant issue for me, and I try to manage them with Pilates, foam rolling, ibuprofen, and icing. However, my silly hips are bothering me today, too!

So far my work out schedule usually goes something like this for the week: 2 days running outside, 2 days Pilates, random outdoor activities or treadmill running on one day of the weekend, and 2 days off. I don’t want my running outside to throw off the rest of my workouts, so I need help.

So I ask you, runners of the blog world: How did you begin outdoor running? When you first started, did you experience similar aches and pains? What did you do to treat them? We are both fine on the treadmill, and may have to switch to one day treadmill, one day outside, but I’d really like to get two runs outdoors a week. Any suggestions are welcomed!

Workout Day Off

I’m taking an impromtu day off from working out, because of last night’s kickboxing. What to do this evening? I’m taking myself, a glass of wine, and a good book on the patio. I love peaceful evenings like tonight.

First Runs

Today Chris and I got up at 6:30 AM to go for a run. You read that right, friends and family. We got up. At 6:30AM. To run. Voluntarily. If you know me, then you probably aren’t shocked over the running part. But you are probably floored about the timing. I don’t do mornings. At all. I’ve been known to be a bit of a crank-monster before 8 AM, and we have a standing rule in our apartment about minimum talking in the morning. I’m just not a morning person.

So why’d we do it? For a while, Chris and I have been talking about taking our running off the treadmill and outside. I’ve tried to run after work a little, but it’s always so hot that I feel like I’m melting. Also, my schedule of always working out following the work day means that Chris and I never get to work out together. He works longer hours than I, and often can’t make it to the gym in the evenings at all.

We agreed last week that we would start a new habit this week. We will get up early twice a week and go for a run together. Our goal is to run either a 5K or participate in a Rugged Maniac by July’s end. Today was a lovely start to a new tradition. The alarm went off, and I was feeling pretty awake. In fact, Hadley was the sleepiest (dog hates mornings, he’s well trained). We ran only 25 minutes, and in Chris’s words “we didn’t break any speed records”, but we did it. And we did it together. I’m so excited and proud of us taking a step to work out together as a couple.

How did you train for your first 5K? Do you work out as a couple, with friends, or alone?

Pump It Up

I’m pretty darn pumped right now. This is what my weekend is shaping up to look like:

– Dinner with Chris, my cousin, and his GF who came down from Boston this afternoon. We’re going to an Italian place in the Village which I just discovered on Yelp. I hope its as good as its made out to be because right now I am already torn between squid ink pasta, artichoke ravioli, and saffron pasta. Foodie overload.

– Tomorrow I am doing what may possibly be described as the best Saturday afternoon activity I can name. Chris, my brother, and his GF are heading to a large pet adoption day in West Chester!!!! My brother is on the hunt for his own best buddy, and I can’t wait to help with his search. At night, Chris and I are planning to spend some one-on-one time, and go shopping together.

– Sunday, I’m off to my parent’s home. Wednesday was my mom’s birthday (happy birthday mom!), so Sunday we are going to have a girl’s day. I’m thinking dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Yum.

Throw in some workouts, walks with Hadley, and starting my new book and you get a wonderful weekend.

What are you up to this weekend?

Working Out for the Weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend all! How will you be spending it?

I’ll be spending it hanging out with one of my very best friends, Kelley, all weekend long!!! Life is good. I can’t wait to catch up with her. Tonight we are walking the High Line, trying out a new restaurant, and catching a comedy show. I have a working camera now, so pictures to come. I made sure to pick out a health conscious dinner place and adding lots of walking into our night, to help me get back on the healthy eating wagon.

To prep for my weekend of fun, which will probably keep me out of the gym until Monday, I made sure to really push myself last night. I was expecting Pilates to be easy – it’s been easier the last few times because lots of newbies joined the studio – but last night it was just the group of people I began with. That means that my instructor decided to take the opportunity to up our work out and skill level. We did lots of moves I didn’t think I was capable of – like position my body up in the air with most my weight on my shoulders and doing scissors and bicycles – but I did it! I didn’t do it pretty, though. In fact, I was laughing to myself half the time. Still, I did the moves. After Pilates I was feeling stretched out and motivated, so I hopped over to the gym. I was going to do an easy run, but had so much energy I went for intervals. I rotated 3 minutes slow (10 minute mile pace) and 3 minutes fast (8 min and faster mile pace) for 21 minutes. With warm up and cool down built in, I ran 2.7 miles and burnt 303 calories. I love that the machines tell me my calorie burn (even if it can’t be super accurate). How many calories does one burn doing an hour of Pilates?

After my double sweat fest, I came home and plopped myself on the couch next to Hadley. I didn’t even bother making dinner until 9:30, as I was that exhausted. I finally had a veggie burger on an Arnold’s sandwich thin and a baked potato. Then I passed out on the couch until Chris came home. We ended our evening with Parks and Rec … our current obsession.

What are your Memorial Day plans?