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It’s Just a Little Crush II

Since I have more summer clothes than I probably need, I’ve put myself on a shopping ban. I actually did pretty well not shopping this month w/o being on an official ban. July purchases include Old Navy’s super sale where I picked up 2 skirts, shorts, a tank top, and a jacket all for $30, Gap running shorts (with pockets!) for $5, and hot pink sunglasses (my old ones broke) from a random store for $6. All in all, $41 in shopping for a month isn’t so bad.

Either way, I’m now on an official shopping ban from now until the end of August (when it’s acceptable to start making Fall purchases). In order to use this non-shopping time wisely, I’m going to make a list of Fall crushes much like  I did with Spring/Summer crushes. That way, come time, I will know what I really need for my Fall wardrobe (besides semi-professional clothes for my new job). The exception to the ban is that if something on the list goes on mega sale (as you maybe can tell, I’m a major sale shopper) then I can buy it early.

Here are my Fall crushes as of this uber hot day in July (how appropriate):

Gap Simple Drawstring Pants

  I have a pair of these from a few years back that I’ve worn to death. Like to the point that even Chris says they need to be replaced. I love them for Pilates, the dog park, or just lounging around.

Tom's Navy Tie Dye Classics

 For the longest time I heard about Tom’s, but never knew what they looked like. Recently, I saw a pair and decided that they will make the perfect Fall commuter/weekend/West Coast trip shoe.

American Eagle Worn Dark Wash Skinny Jeans (these are a different wash)

These are the first pair of skinny jeans that I’ve not only been able to button, but also made me say, damn. Thus, I think I need these in my future.

As always, I am still crushing on a pair of cowboy boots. Maybe this will be the year:

Frye Billy Pull On Boots

 What’s on your shopping list?

Comments and Makeup

First off, oops.

I’m a bit of a blogging moron at times. I still don’t 100% know how to navigate all things blog. To prove it to you, a huge I’m sorry to all those nice readers who have been commenting and not seeing their comments posted. Apparently, a lot of my comments were being routed to my spam section. They should all be up now. Thank you for your insights – I love comments and they are always appreciated.

Second, girls I need your advice.

I have the most delicate eyes ever. My eye doctor, a doctor who I have been seeing since I was 6 months old and who is world renown in his field, told me I have some of the most sensitive cornea he has ever seen. Sexy, right?

So besides the fact that my eyes get irritated and infection all too often, I also have a huge problem with makeup. I used to love eyeliner, but that is totally out of the question nowadays. However, lately I have been having trouble wearing any eye shadow or mascara. Even worse, my eyes seemed to be reacting to my foundation, too, which seems ridiculous since I do not put foundation on my eye lids. So what’s a girl to do?

My solution so far has been to just wear bronzer and blush daily – which my eyes seem to approve of – and then on special occasions risk it with the eye shadow and mascara. However, I really miss the fun of putting on makeup. Also, I’m leaving for the cruise at the end of this month (squee!), and I would really like to get glammed up at night.

My question to you: Any recommendations for super sensitive makeup? If not, any suggestions for who to go to for recommendations? If neither, any ideas how to feel glam sans make up? Thanks ladies (or er, knowledgeable gentlemen)!