99 Before 30

Part wish list part to do list. Part important part frivolous. Marked with an X when completed. 5 years to go until the big 3-0.

1)      Ice skate in NYC X

2)      Sip frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity’s X

3)      Attend a wine pairing/tasting class X

4)      Host a book club X

5)      Take a trapeze class X

6)      Volunteer at an animal shelter

7)      Achieve and maintain ideal weight

8)      Picnic in Central Park

9)      Go to an outdoor summer movie X

10)   Camping X

11)   Visit Yosemite X (Chris proposed here!)

12)   See Costa Rico

13)   Go white-water rafting X

14)   Ski a blue slope X

15)   Cheer at the NYC Marathon X

16)   Complete Project 365ish X

17)   Get student loans to a good place

18)   Visit Australia

19)   Take a cooking class

20)   Scrapbook through all of law school

21)   Stay off Facebook for a week

22)   Set a regular exercise program X

23)   Learn to cook curry X

24)   Buy a full price item from Anthropologie X

25)   Attend Fashion Night Out X

26)   Go on a trip w/mom X

27)   Own a brand-new living room set

28)   Learn how make frozen yogurt

29)   Try my hand at knitting

30)   Get sworn into NY Bar X

31)   Visit the Smoky Mountains in TN

32)   Buy cowboy boots in Nashville

33)   Take a sailing lesson

34)   Rappel down something

35)   Fill my recipe box

36)   Own a nice raincoat X

37)   Don’t lose an umbrella for an entire year

38)   Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry

39)   Have a celebrity sighting X (Manchester United!!!)

40)   Finally read Little Women X

41)   Write something to be published X

42)   Develop a good skin care routine

43)   Learn what make up works best for my sensitivities X

44)   Appear “on the record” X

45)   Subscribe to National Geographic

46)   See one new country a year X

47)   Create holiday traditions X

48)   See a ballet

49)   Go wine tasting in California X

50)   Enjoy a beer at a beer garden X

51)   See the NYC Christmas Tree Lighting

52)   Watch a Civil War battle reenactment

53)   Drive an ATV

54)   See the rainforest

55)   Get over my fear of flying

56)   Make my own hummus X

57)   Attend high tea in a fancy hotel/restaurant X

58)   Master the high heel

59)   Up my spice tolerance X

60)   Own a “real camera” and learn how to use it

61)   Host an annual party

62)   Read 25 books in one year X

63)   Donate clothes seasonally

64)   Keep my nails well manicured

65)   Swim in the Pacific Ocean

66)   Do Pro bono Animal Law work X

67)   Take a scuba diving lesson

68)   Learn how to iron properly

69)   Learn how to be neater, but let go of the idea that I’ll be perfectly neat

70)   Visit my eye doctor for an update prescription and keep it updated X

71)   Visit Long Island beaches in the summer, and eat a lobster roll

72)   Visit Upstate NY in autumn X

73)   Maintain and stick to my monthly budget X

74)   Spend more time with the little brother X

75)   Always appreciate my time with Chris and Hadley

76)   Take my dad out to the Clam Broth House

77)   Host a Passover Sedar for my family X

78)   Visit Chicago

79)   Get married

80)   Find my favorite Middle Eastern place in the City

81)   Eat at Il Mulino

82)   Always keep healthy food in the apartment X

83)   Make time weekly for friends X

84)   Visit friends in different locations X

85)   Find good vintage shops – get over fear of buying vintage

86)   Learn how to make a perfect signature drink

87)   Attend my 10 year high school reunion

88)   Discover and stick with my favorite gym classes X

89)   Schedule sessions with a personal trainer

90)   Keep up physical therapy drills

91)   Establish a once a month Date Night X

92)   Get Hadley groomed on time X

93)   Learn one ballroom dance

94)   Donate yearly to an animal welfare society

95)   Visit doctor/dentist annually X

96)   Learn how to actually relax and be okay with doing “nothing”

97)   Own a bread-maker

98)   Buy Frye boots X

99)   Look into adopting a friend for Hadley

10 responses to “99 Before 30

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  2. that’s a great & well-rounded list! good luck! 😀

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  4. alexshealingbeauty

    I think this is a really great idea!

  5. Ice Skating in NYC is SO MUCH FUN. I haven’t been yet this year. No one wants to go with me!

  6. I love this. If you need some to teach you to knit, I’d be happy to. And if you need a ballet buddy, call me. No one down here likes the ballet and I’ve wanted to see it for years 🙂 Good luck with your list. Always feels good to check something off.

  7. Thanks, Kel! One day, you will have to teach me to knit.

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  9. Such a cool list! I should totally make one….I know I have a million things I want to do before I’m 30 as well!!

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