Daily Archives: June 13, 2011

Celebrate Good Times

This weekend was jam packed with celebrations. My cousin Adam lead Friday night services, his Bar Mitzvah and party were Saturday, and Sunday was my good friends Melissa and Aaron’s engagement party.

Friday after work, my dad picked Hadley and me up to get to my parent’s in time for Friday night services. Hadley spent the weekend with Cheryl’s family, who he loved to bits. He was excited to go away on a mini-vacation!

I'm sticking my tongue out at you, but I'm still excited. You just take too many pictures of me.

Services were nice and gave me an opportunity to wear my new LOFT dress that Chris bought me for my birthday. He also bought me the lovely pair of sandals that I paired with the dress.

Can't find the dress online, but here are the sandals. They are so comfortable.

After services, my mom and I picked Chris up from the bus station and went to my hometown diner. I’ve been craving tuna fish like crazy, so I had myself a yummy tuna wrap. It’s always a sign that I’m anemic when I’m craving fish or meat, so I’m going to work this week on upping my iron intake.

Saturday was the festivities. Adam did great at his Bar Mitzvah service. It was crazy to me that it was his Bar Mitzvah already, because he was born 4 days before my own Bat Mitzvah. Time really can get away from you. The party following services was great. My mom’s whole side of the family was there, including all my cousins and their boyfriends and girlfriends (Adam and his little brother are much younger than the rest of us cousins). We enjoyed the cocktail hour, danced until we were hot sweaty messes, and enjoyed playing with the awesome army inspired table decorations.

We totally made set-ups like here.

Sunday Chris and I were hoping to get up early, but we were so tired from all the dancing (seriously we got a harder workout than we do running! I think Bar Mitzvah dancing should be a new gym class – imagine the tone arms you can get from all the chair lifting!) that we slept in. We spent the afternoon/early evening celebrating Mel and Aaron’s engagement. It was lovely to meet some of her other bridesmaids and to chat about all the excitement to come. She’s the first of my close friends to plan a wedding, and I’m so excited for all the festivities.

Chris and my night ended with me eating yet another tuna wrap (seriously, Allie, buy some iron pills), Chris cheering on the basketball game, and us watching some Parks and Rec. We were going to get up this morning for our run, but my calves were killing me so much from all the dancing that Chris suggested we go tomorrow instead. He actually said, “I want it to be a good run, so let’s do it Tuesday.” I’m so proud of my boyfriend for coming around to running!

Does it make me old that my calves hurt from dancing? I think maybe, yes.

What did you do this weekend?