Twenty Six

May 23rd marked my 26th birthday. It worked out that it was also the date of Chris’s swearing in. Double celebrations! I wish I had pictures to share, but my camera is still out of order. I hope to get that fixed this weekend. Pictures aside, let’s just say that there was specialty cannoli (chocolate chip cookie dough for me and pistachio for Chris), a big celebratory Italian dinner, red wine for all, and a mint chocolate chip Cold Stone ice cream cake. Huzzah!

Tonight, my parents are coming to take Chris and I out for dinner. More cake!!! It’s also nearing 80 degrees (finally!), so we are planning to eat outside tonight. I cannot wait. Also, because I am 26 going on 5, I’m celebrating my birthday (again) with friends on Saturday. I’m currently looking for restaurant suggestions on the Upper East Side – cheap and fun, please! – for us to check out before heading to the bar that’s hosting my party. My party, where my friend has informed me there will be more cake. Oh my. But yum!

I promised to stop rambling and eating cake after this week and go back to having a normal healthy eating blog. I mean, now that it’s nice out, I can get serious about training for a Rugged Maniac (and losing the extra frosting weight)!

Can you tell I just love birthdays? Happy birthday to me!

4 responses to “Twenty Six

  1. Happy Birthday!! Glad you had a great celebration. 26 is great! You have nothing to worry about 🙂 May 23rd marked exactly two months away from my 27th year… 26 didn’t really phase me, but 27 = your late 20s. so i’m going to enjoy my mid 20s thoroughly for the next 2 months 😉

  2. HAPPY Birthday!!! 26 is such an accomplishment…well not really anymore since most people live past 100…lol. jk jk. have fun!!

  3. Hope you had a birthday-it sounds like you had a great day full of celebrations! And those cannolis? Yeah, I need those.

  4. Thanks!

    The cannolis are so darn good. I have half of one in my fridge still, which I have been trying to convince Chris to eat before I do.

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