Good Start

Yes, yes, yes, it’s pouring rain. I’d say it’s raining cats and dogs, but not even Hadley wanted to be outside today (oh the corniness). But all the same, I had a good start to my morning. Usually when I commute, I listen to my Ipod on shuffle. Today, I accidentally left my gym mix on. Now I’m pumped to start the day. I think more playlist will have to be made soon.

Also, since it’s so nasty out, I switched from greek yogurt back to maple brown sugar oatmeal. It’s oh so warm and comforting on a rainy day. Bring on the rain storm – armed with my pink rain boots, busted pink umbrella, and oversized men’s Eddie Bauer rain parka, I’m a regular Morton’s Fisherman.

What do you do to jump start your day?

3 responses to “Good Start

  1. Oats always jump start my day 🙂

    I love it when I hear my workout tunes out of context, it reminds me of the endorphins rushing around my body and gets me pumped!

  2. I hear it’s been nasty up there and my dad was all pissed off last night since the baseball game against the Mets was postponed. It takes me two hours to mentally wake up on rainy days and I feel like I’m in a funk all day. Lately, I’ve been going to the gym first thing and that’s been waking me up!

  3. I am so not a morning exerciser. I’m not a morning person in general. I think I would manage to trip and fall of the treadmill.

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