Daily Archives: May 16, 2011

Out of Whack

You know what’s good about vacations? Relaxing, exploring new places, trying new cuisines, taking in some sun, etc.

You know what’s bad about vacation? No, Pilates.

During my week and a half vacation, I wasn’t able to do any Pilates (I was on a ship, which made getting to my Pilates studio hard). But Allie, you say, you’ve been back from vacation for over a week. Yes, you’re right; I have been back for over a week. In that time I went to Pilates once. That’s no good. I usually go Monday/Wednesday but last week I decided to catch up on the many errands I had piled up from over vacation. I figured I could go Tuesday/Thursday. I went Tuesday, but then realized I couldn’t go on Thursday, because I had to leave to go to my parent’s that evening. I was going home for a very good reason – my little brother’s college graduation! –alas, I was missing Pilates all the same.

Pilates is what keeps my misaligned body (my knees are out of whack and they throw everything else off) in working condition. Since I’ve been skipping out on Pilates and continuing to run, I’ve gone from running-is-fun to oh-my-gosh-I’m-dying. After my run yesterday, I feel like I’m waddling today. I literally can feel that my hips down are all out of line. Absolutely no good and kind of freaky. So it’s back to Pilates for good starting this evening. It’s going to hurt, I’m going to be sore tomorrow, and I’ll probably be embarrassed because I can’t hold the poses I could before vacation. But, I’m going and that’s what’s important.

Another downside of vacation is that you get off your diet. I finally (wo)maned up and weighed myself yesterday. I’m up a pound and a half. Not a tragedy, but something I need to remedy this week. If I don’t fix it this week, I’m sure that the scale will continue its merry weigh upwards. Why you ask? Because next week is my birthday! Because I am a five year old at heart, I enjoy celebrating my birthday for as long as possible. So far I have been promised cake from my parents, boyfriend, and best friend on the day before my birthday for a family dinner, my actual birthday, and the day of my birthday party. Clearly I have to keep to a good diet this week to make up for the frosting induced coma I will be in from roughly May 22 – May 28th. Hopefully, Pilates will whip my body back into shape so that I can do my best to up my running. I will most definitely run for cake.

What exercises does your body need to main its status quo? What do you run for?