Curse of the Camera Woes

No camera plus no computer makes blogging hard! However, I think I’m close to getting the camera bit worked out. Chris has his old digital camera that may weigh as much as a cement block, but unlike mine, works. It does, however, need a computer cord to download the photos. So I’m going to work on acquiring one of those this weekend. I enjoy that this camera has outlived a total of 4 other cameras. How have Chris and I gone through so many cameras? Let’s review:

1. Camera #1 met it’s death the night Chris and I officially became a couple. Sweet right? We went to our law school’s Cabaret, which is an auction and talent show, and basically just a good chance to get dolled up and have some drinks. Chris and I went together, but with a group of friends as we were still in those beginning stages. Being that I had on a cocktail dress and was short of pockets, I asked Chris to hold my camera for me. Low and behold he lost it. He put it down, didn’t pick it up, and couldn’t figure out where it went. I told you there were some drinks involved. While we searching for it, he went up to a mutual friend, Kelley, and said he was sure he had ruined our whole relationship and that I must hate him. I didn’t much care he lost the camera – it was very old and not working properly – but was rather concerned that he seemed to be ignoring me. I also went up to Kelley and said that I thought Chris hated me because he wasn’t paying me any attention (why I didn’t just assume he was frantically looking for my camera I can’t explain). Kelley said we really should talk – we seemed to have very crossed signals going on. Well, we did talk – when he found my camera. He was so excited to have found it that he held it up and exclaimed look I found it! And then he dropped it. This time it was really gone for good. A few hours later he asked me to officially be his girlfriend (because law school is like high school so you do things like that), and a beautiful camera-breaking relationship was born.

2. Camera #2 did not break, but rather, was used to replace another camera that Chris broke. In the airport as we were waiting for our flight to Paris to board, Chris realized that he forgot his camera, and really wanted his own for the trip. After a lot of debate, he ended up forking over the money and buying one at the airport. When in Paris, we met up with our friends and went sight-seeing. The very first place we visited was the Arc de Triumphe and the very first thing we did was take pictures. My two girlfriends and I handed over our cameras to Chris and asked him to take our photo. The first camera he went to use, he dropped and broke to the horror of our friend who had just started her study abroad program and was now camera-less. Chris handed over his airport camera as a replacement. There went camera #2.

3. Camera #3 died the very same vacation. After visiting Paris, we headed over to Iceland. We took an amazing tour that led us to many sites, ended at a magnificent waterfall. We took lots of pictures, including when we got close to the falls. I noticed that I was getting sprayed standing by the falls, so I told Chris to watch the camera. I was told I was being neurotic and the camera would be fine. Well, the camera was not fine and drowned a slow death at the waterfall. Amusingly enough, we got to view photographic proof of this slow death when we uploaded the pictures and saw the lens became splotcher and splotcher until the camera died. Goodbye camera #3.

4. Camera #4 was Chris’s gift to me to replace Camera #3. It was a nifty Colorpics camera. It was lightweight, and I took it everywhere. Three days into our cruise it inexplicably died. No, Chris did not lose, drop, or drown this one. It just started reading lens error and refuses to work. Our best guess is that an errant piece of sand in our cabin made its way to the lens. I mean, you read our camera history. That would happen.

So now it’s back to Chris’s trusty camera circa 2006. Let’s hope it keeps proving resilient.

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