Daily Archives: May 11, 2011

Allergies Strike

I was so naive. I thought I made it through allergy season unscathed. It was already mid-May and I had not a sniffle nor red eye. Maybe my body had gotten over allergies? Maybe I was cured? Maybe they were just waiting to jump once I let my guard down? Yea, it was the last one.

Today, I woke up with that signature allergy feeling – the one where I feel like a cartoon character who stepped on a shovel and got slapped in the face with it. This is a pretty good analogy as my face is puffy enough that it kind of looks like it was slapped with something moving at a good speed. The puffiness is messing with my vision, which is already blurry without the help of allergies. Please forgive my typos.

Okay, so now that I have complained and whined, I shall try to put a positive spin on this post. At least allergies mean good weather and spring. And good weather and spring we have been having all week long. So that’s a happy thing. Another happy thing is I made it back to Pilates last night. I haven’t been in close to two weeks because of vacation and boy did I lose a lot of strength in such a short time! Moves that I could hold somewhat easily two weeks ago I can’t hold the entire time right now. My teacher tells me it should only take about a week to get back to where I was and I hope that’s the truth. At least I left feeling totally stretched out last night, which is always a nice feeling.

After Pilates last night, I got back into the cooking swing of things. I tried out Quorn Chik’n Nuggets for the first time. They were really good and like all Quorn products I’ve tried, tasted a lot like the actual meat. This freaked me out a little bit, but mostly it was a good thing. I paired the nuggets with a baked potato topped with some cheddar. Easy and yummy dinner to eat while working on catching up on lots of DVR from the past week and a half.

One of things I am most excited about being home from vacation is getting back into cooking dinners. I am always looking for some new recipes. What are your favorite spring time homecooked meals?