Caribbean Cruise for the Win

I’m back! My Caribbean vacation has come to an end (tear) but I took away from it amazing memories, a nice tan, and a few extra pounds (I can’t confirm this as I refuse to get on the scale until a week of normal dieting, but I have a good feeling). Oh, but it was worth it.

Confession: I didn’t want to go on a cruise when we first booked our vacation. I’m more of the type to vote for an “active” vacation and was rooting for Europe or traipsing around the rain forest somewhere in Latin America. Chris really wanted a vacation where we could do some real relaxing, so I figured I’d be a good girlfriend and give cruising a go. I’m so happy I did!

The best part about the cruise for us was not having to think or plan anything except what beach we were going to swim at on the islands and if we should use SPF 15 or 30 (Chris choose 15 and paid for it). We spent our days lying out and tanning, our nights eating multicourse dinners, and many post dinners sipping wine poolside. Perfection!

So I know you all want to know: how was the food? Well, there was a lot of it. But in all honestly, it was fine. Maybe we are spoiled from all the wonderful NYC restaurants, but we found most of the food to be okay and not out of this world. There was a huge abundance of it and a large selection, so we really appreciated having options, but for the most part it wasn’t stand out. We did take the time to eat at one specialty restaurant on the ship, and that was a strong exception to the just fine food. I will be as bold to say that I ate the best lobster of my life there. No joke. I even lived in Boston one summer where I consumed a lot of lobster, but this lobster was amazing. My advice to you is if you go on a cruise, check out the specialty restaurant. It’s worth the extra price tag.

I wish I had more pictures to show you all, but our camera went the way of my computer (which would be the dead way – I’m sharing Chris’s computer as of now) by Day 3. This would be the second big vacation in a row where our camera died. This time Chris didn’t drown it in a waterfall in Iceland, though. In fact, we really don’t know what happened to it. Either way, I now need to figure out both my computer and camera situation. Good thing I have a birthday coming up. Here are some snapshots I did manage to get:

Our faithful stead.


Peacock towel art!


Lovely Bermuda


Volcanic rock in Bermuda


Official tree of paradise.


Anchors away!

Vacation was awesome but it’s great to be back in the blog world!

8 responses to “Caribbean Cruise for the Win

  1. It sounds like you had a great time! I’m not sure that I’d like to go on a cruise, but it sounds like a good way to relax and see quite a lot at the same time.
    The sea looks so pretty and blue!

  2. beautiful pictures, glad you had a good time!

  3. Glad to hear you had a fun trip! I’m in FL and used SPF 15 the other day and am paying for it today (even though I’m Italian and never burn, whats up with that??)

    Who knew you could get good lobster on a cruise? Will look into that next time I go!

  4. these photos are gorgeous! i have never been on a cruise and want to go soooo badly! i think it will most likely be our 2012 vacation. what cruise line did you go on? i’ve heard carnival is a good one, but i am always looking for comparable recommendations!

    • I went on Royal Carribean. I’ve always been told that Carnival is geared more towards families, but I also think it just depends on the time of year. While I was on the cruise, I was told that the Princess line offers drink-included cruises and higher quality food, which is something I’d check out if I went again.

  5. damn. I should have coordinated my honeymoon with your trip. or…you should have just come to my gosh darn wedding!

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