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MDW Recap

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day Weekend! Mine started out right with a visit from my best friend from college, Kelley. We had dinner with Chris at a restaurant I’ve wanted to try out for a while, Westville. We actually went to their Chelsea location, go figure. I was drawn to the restaurant because it’s a fun setting and provides both healthy and not so healthy eating options. We started with their four-choice market vegetable plate. We shared grilled asparagus, chickpea and olive salad, plantains, and a mushroom medley. It was so yummy that I forgot to take a picture! For our main course we all choose two hot dogs and a side. My hot dogs were vegan hot dogs and topped with relish and sauerkraut. My side was Dijon cauliflower.

My main course wasn’t nearly as good as the veggie plate. Chris liked his a lot, though, as did Kelley. Still, I would go back. The restaurant was really inviting and the salads that passed by my table looked amazing.

Chris's hotdogs: one meat chili, one relish and a side of fries.

After dinner, Chris went to meet up with a friend, and Kelley and I checked out a Comedy Club. It wasn’t our type of humor, but we decided it was worth it to try something new. You win some, you lose some, right?

Saturday started off with brunch outside by the Hudson. It was a perfectly sunny day and more than enjoyable. After brunch, Kelley and I got our exercise in by spending the next four hours meandering through NYC. We stopped at a Street Fair for some fuel:

Mine. I dream about grilled corn.

Hers: can't go wrong with a nutella crepe.

 And saw some pretty sites:

And I used a gift certificate (thanks Carrie!) to get this new toy:

Food processor!

After our walk, we got ready for my birthday party. Kelley was my college roommate, and I forgot how much fun it is to get ready with another girl. Chris just doesn’t get the singing to music while trying on clothes thing. Boys. When we were all ready, we met up with the rest of my friends at a small Italian restaurant. They set a long table for us lined with candles – perfect! Most the pictures didn’t come out, because of the low lights, but everything was delicious. Dinner was followed by drinks at a bar. It was a great night, and I’m thankful to have so many wonderful people in my life.

Sunday can be summed up in one word: lazy. We slept late, Chris made us all waffles and eggs (including Hadley regarding the egg), Kelley introduced us to HGTV, and I finally suggested a Target trip. Chris and I were so excited to have Kelley’s car to use instead of our normal routine of dragging everything back that we went a little overboard. I know have a fully stocked kitchen!

Our best find, this huge thing of olive oil for $6! decorations.

 Monday was a great capstone to the long weekend. Kelley, Chris, I ate lunch outside at an adorable falafel restaurant. My falafel pita was oh so good! Plus, they had some cute decorations.

Nom nom nom.True beans.


Lunch was followed with Kelley having to say goodbye to head back to Philly. Chris headed to work, and I headed to meet a friend at Union Square. I made a quick trip to Trader Joe’s – because after Target we needed more food – but really, because I can’t resist their good deals.  I then headed home to give my apartment the cleaning love it needed. I ended my night making hummus. Recipe to come!!!

How did you spend Memorial Day Weekend? If you made it to the beach, I’m jealous!

Working Out for the Weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend all! How will you be spending it?

I’ll be spending it hanging out with one of my very best friends, Kelley, all weekend long!!! Life is good. I can’t wait to catch up with her. Tonight we are walking the High Line, trying out a new restaurant, and catching a comedy show. I have a working camera now, so pictures to come. I made sure to pick out a health conscious dinner place and adding lots of walking into our night, to help me get back on the healthy eating wagon.

To prep for my weekend of fun, which will probably keep me out of the gym until Monday, I made sure to really push myself last night. I was expecting Pilates to be easy – it’s been easier the last few times because lots of newbies joined the studio – but last night it was just the group of people I began with. That means that my instructor decided to take the opportunity to up our work out and skill level. We did lots of moves I didn’t think I was capable of – like position my body up in the air with most my weight on my shoulders and doing scissors and bicycles – but I did it! I didn’t do it pretty, though. In fact, I was laughing to myself half the time. Still, I did the moves. After Pilates I was feeling stretched out and motivated, so I hopped over to the gym. I was going to do an easy run, but had so much energy I went for intervals. I rotated 3 minutes slow (10 minute mile pace) and 3 minutes fast (8 min and faster mile pace) for 21 minutes. With warm up and cool down built in, I ran 2.7 miles and burnt 303 calories. I love that the machines tell me my calorie burn (even if it can’t be super accurate). How many calories does one burn doing an hour of Pilates?

After my double sweat fest, I came home and plopped myself on the couch next to Hadley. I didn’t even bother making dinner until 9:30, as I was that exhausted. I finally had a veggie burger on an Arnold’s sandwich thin and a baked potato. Then I passed out on the couch until Chris came home. We ended our evening with Parks and Rec … our current obsession.

What are your Memorial Day plans?

Too Much Good Food is Still Too Much

Yesterday was a glorious day. We inched our way into the 80’s for the first time in so long. Immediately after work, I took Hadley to the dog park. He ran around in the heat for a good hour and played up a storm. When we left the park, he lied down and refused to get up. I tried to get him to move, but to no avail. Finally, I just carried the lazy bum inside. He’s not spoiled or anything.

Hadley passed out on the hardwood floor fully exhausted while I got out of my play clothes and into nicer duds for dinner with my parents. Chris joined us and we headed out to a brick oven pizza place. My parents brought a cake for me to the restaurant, and I drew a lot of attention. A woman insisted I cut her in the bathroom line as my birthday gift. I actually thought this was a pretty awesome gift.

My dad, Chris, and I split a well done pie with extra cheese and mushroom. Asking for a pizza pie well-done is my pizza ordering trick. It makes the pizza so much better when they do it right. Last night, they did it right and the three of us polished off the whole pie, while my mom munched healthily on her salad. The meal was ended with my yummy birthday cake.

To make up for the extravagance of the past few days, today I am eating healthy all the way. Breakfast was greek yogurt mixed with Honey Bunches of Oats. This is my favorite breakfast ever. Lunch was also pretty great: white rice, broccoli, and a Morningstar Chick Patty all mixed together with a pear. Of course, I’ve been snacking on baby carrots throughout the day. My goal of the weekend is to eat healthy every meal with the potential exception for Saturday night when I’m going out with friends for my birthday. It will be a bit of a challenge, since I’ve been off the healthy eating wagon this past week. Also, my best friend from college, Kelley, is visiting this long weekend, and one of our favorite things to do together is try out different foods and bake. We will just have to focus on eating healthy!

Now I ask you a question. Warmer months means more visitors. We had visitors last weekend, and I ate horribly (wonderfully, but horribly). We are having the lovely Miss Kelley this weekend. We are sure to have more visitors in the near future. When people come to visit, you want to take to your favorite places to eat. Often, those aren’t the healthiest places – they are often your “treat” places. This past weekend, we went with our guests to a great pub, Good Restaurant, Grom gelato, our favorite Indian, place, our favorite Italian place, etc. All were so so yummy, but  I know that my body isn’t the best for it now. What are your suggestions for eating healthy when you still want to show off your favorites to your guest? Hopefully, I’ll have some recs for you after this weekend!

Twenty Six

May 23rd marked my 26th birthday. It worked out that it was also the date of Chris’s swearing in. Double celebrations! I wish I had pictures to share, but my camera is still out of order. I hope to get that fixed this weekend. Pictures aside, let’s just say that there was specialty cannoli (chocolate chip cookie dough for me and pistachio for Chris), a big celebratory Italian dinner, red wine for all, and a mint chocolate chip Cold Stone ice cream cake. Huzzah!

Tonight, my parents are coming to take Chris and I out for dinner. More cake!!! It’s also nearing 80 degrees (finally!), so we are planning to eat outside tonight. I cannot wait. Also, because I am 26 going on 5, I’m celebrating my birthday (again) with friends on Saturday. I’m currently looking for restaurant suggestions on the Upper East Side – cheap and fun, please! – for us to check out before heading to the bar that’s hosting my party. My party, where my friend has informed me there will be more cake. Oh my. But yum!

I promised to stop rambling and eating cake after this week and go back to having a normal healthy eating blog. I mean, now that it’s nice out, I can get serious about training for a Rugged Maniac (and losing the extra frosting weight)!

Can you tell I just love birthdays? Happy birthday to me!

My Twenty-Fifth Year in Review

I celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday yesterday. It feels funny typing that out! For some reason I had no problem turning twenty-five, but I got a little fluster over twenty-six. I guess I just always viewed twenty-six year olds as mature real adults, and I’m still just learning what it means to be a “grown up”. It helped that Chris and his sister both reassured me that twenty-six was a very kind year to both of them. I hope for me, twenty-six is the same way! I’ll recap my birthday fun (which is still on-going!) in a later post, but I think it’s important to take some time to remember my twenty-fifth year.

A Month by Month Guide to my Twenty-fifth Year

1. May: I celebrated my twenty-fifth birthday a week after my law school graduation. Three days into being twenty-five, I began my Bar Exam studies. Hilarity and hysteria ensued.

2. June: June was spent trying not to freak out over my studies and trying to get in any free time possible. Waterfalls were swam in, meals cooked, and lots of wine was consumed on my patio.

3. July: In the end of July, I sat the NY Bar Exam. I was sick – not nervous but actually sick – but managed to get through the exam. Chris and I never wish to return to Albany again.

4. August: Chris and I spent three lovely weeks in Ithaca after the Bar Exam. All our friends had moved, and it was just the two of us. We had a wonderful time taking in the town before we too left. I especially loved berry picking, Wii bowling at Applebee’s, tanning at the pool, and enjoying wine on our patio.

5. August: Chris, Hadley, and I packed up our belongings and moved to begin our lives in the big city. We had a lot of fun exploring our new neighborhood by trying out lots of different restaurants and visiting different dog parks.

6. September: I began my first job out of school as a “real person”. I haven’t had a steady paycheck since undergrad, so this was exciting on many levels.

7. October: I joined Weight Watchers, lost 15 lbs, started exercising again, and learned to live a healthier life style. I still trip up (including this past weekend!), but I’m getting better.

8. November: November was engrained in my mind like a looming dentist appointment. We knew that Bar results would be released at sometime in early November, and the anticipation was high. On the first Friday of the month, I passed the NY Bar Exam!!!! Chris did, too! We celebrated with a fancy bottle of champagne, just the two of us. Then other bar-passer friends joined for more champagne and cheers. We followed drinks with dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants in our neighborhood.

9. November: My little family joined the rest of my family in Massachusetts for Thanksgiving dinner. This was the first time my family has ever done a whole family holiday dinner, so it was a huge deal. We are planning on making this a tradition. Chris and I made our first pumpkin pie, and it was a huge success.

10. December: Holidays! The holiday season stretched extra long for us, since I celebrate Channukah and Chris celebrates Christmas, so we celebrated all December long! For Channukah, we made latkes with friends and had my family over for a holiday party. Christmas this past year was mine and Hadley’s “First Christmas”, so we all got really into it. We took turns taking gifts out of our over flowing stocks (new tradition, I hope!), made a big dinner, and woke up early to open gifts. Chris gave me my Tiffany Signature ring, which I wear most every day.

11. December/January: New Years was spent with Chris and my best friends from high school and their boyfriends at a ski cabin in PA. It was great to get everyone together. My knees even cooperated enough to let me ski for half a day.

12. January: New Years came with lots of resolutions. I started this blog and resolved to keep it going, at least until October when I begin my firm job. I resolved to read 30 novels this year via the Good Reads Book Challenge. So far, I’m reading book #16. Also, I resolved to find a workout class that I love. If you read my blog, you know I’m in love with Pilates.

13. February: On a whim, I bought a Groupon for a month at a local Pilates studio. I feel in love with the classes, and feel that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now I do Pilates twice a week, and this has helped my knees so much that I am able to run again!

14. February: February brought many celebrations. Valentine’s Day was spent ice skating at Bryant Park, and our Anniversary Weekend was spent at a dog-friendly B&B in Upstate NY.

15. March: On March 28th, I was officially sworn into the NY Bar! Finally, officially a lawyer. I was glad my mom and Chris were able to make it to the ceremony to witness me taking my oath.

16. April: I spent most the month eagerly anticipating my upcoming vacation while Chris worked his days and nights away. Mid-month, he regained free time, and we spent a lot of time catching up. We hosted a Passover sedar for my family, which was a great success.

17. April/May: Cruise!!! We enjoyed a 9 night cruise where we had a fabulous time and got fabulous tans. I still am trying to curb my cruise-induced appetite.

18. May: My brother graduated college, Chris’s family came out for a fun-packed visit, Chris was sworn into the NY Bar, and I turned twenty-six!!!

What a long, wonderful year. I wonder what twenty-six will hold for me.


I just ate 3/4 of a 1 lb bag of baby carrots in less than a half an hour. I think that proves that this blog is aptly named. Currently entering baby carrot coma …

Life Lesson Noted

Today I learned an important life lesson: do not pack snacks in your gym bag. At least don’t pack ones that don’t come in wrappers. My gym clothes smell like banana and my banana smells like … gym clothes. I put on the gym clothes, but I’m forgoing the banana. If you smell bananas in your spin class, say hi to me.

My Wheels Will be Spinning

I am so very sleepy. All I want to do is cuddle up in a nice ball and take a nap. Preferably snuggled up with this guy:

Chris can join to, I guess.

Alas, a nap is not in the picture today. There’s a lot to be done, and if I nap I’ll totally mess up my sleep pattern and just be tired again tomorrow. So instead of taking a nap, I’ll just be cranky. Good idea? Great idea.

Pilates yesterday was awesome. Moves are still harder than they were before vacay, but I was able to hold all the positions! I felt like my muscles were going to ripe out of my core at times (sexy image), but nonetheless I held the positions. I will admit that I have a pretty decent pain tolerance. Sometimes having a high pain tolerance is a good thing – like now when I’m trying to jump back right where I left off in Pilates. Sometimes it’s a not good thing – like when I refused to admit that there was something terribly wrong with my knees when I ran competitively back in high school. Or that time when I broke my elbow in 3 places in law school, and before going to the hospital first insisted that Chris take me to the library so I could finish a journal assignment, and then had him stop at Taco Bell (in my defense there’s often a long wait at the ER and I didn’t want to get hungry). But last night, my ability to just pretend the pain wasn’t happening resulted in a good workout. I would like to point out that the Pilates pain was good pain not the bad I’m injuring myself pain. As you can see from my highly academic examples, there’s a difference.

After Pilates I met Lauren for dinner at Mamoud’s Falafel. It wasn’t the best falafel in the world, but a falafel pita was $2.50!!!! That’s just ridiculous. Not even Subway, my broke student standby, is that cheap. So no, not the best falafel, but way better than its price point. I will return.


Right, back to the fact that I’m super sleepy. I’m exhausted because I insisted on waiting for Chris to come home from work before going to bed. I was reading a book (not even a good book), lost track of time, and missed the email that said he was going to be home super late. When he showed up and told me that it was already past 1 AM, I was shocked. We were then idiots and stayed up chatting until nearing 3 AM so now I am le tired. I’ll be cute and say it was worth it, though, to spend some time with him.

Under the super sleepiness, though, I am just a little bit pumped for my evening. I’ve read on so many blogs about how awesome spinning is, so I finally decided to sign up for a class. It’s just one class at a nearby gym so if it’s a total failure then it’s not a big lost. I’m actually thinking it may be a mess. If you’ve been reading for a bit, then you know that I have pretty special knees. I haven’t been on an actual bike since … well I can’t remember. A lot of times when I pedal my knee makes a popping noise, so I usually just avoid bikes. However, I’ve been told that if the stationary bike is at the proper angle, my knee should stay in its proper place and all should be fine. I’ll give it one class and if I come away limping, I just won’t return. Still, I’m excited that maybe I won’t come away with a peg leg and will have found another class to get addicted to like Pilates.

Also, after the gym I’m going to head to the library (if it doesn’t resume raining) and pick out a new book!!! Plus, Grey’s Anatomy is on and oh that show is so bad it’s good. I can’t help myself for liking it. 1L year in law school we used to have Grey’s viewing parties, so I guess I’m not alone in my love. I’ll probably fall asleep watching the show, but that’s actually probably a lie, because I can’t fall asleep sitting up (stinks to fly international with me). Still, let’s hope for an early bedtime tonight!

Ever take a spinning class? Like/love/loathe?

Aww, shucks

I was given the sweetest compliment ever at work. My co-worker told me that it’s amazing how healthy I look and how much weight I took off. She seriously made me blush. It was a big mental adjustment to switch from eating gobs of junk to eating healthy, but I’m so glad I was able to do it. I’m also so thankful for people who say nice things to acknowledge my hard work. So, golly gee, thanks.

What’s the best compliment you’ve received lately? (I totally just recited “i before e except after c” to remember how to properly spell received. That’s what my Ivy League education taught me.)

I Don’t Know How to Relax

Yesterday I was excited all day to hit up Anthropologie for their bi-annual Tag Sale. In the past, the sale supposedly was awesome. I even asked Chris to make sure that he could come home from work at an acceptable hour to let Hadley out for a walk, so that I didn’t have to rush my shopping. I figured I could pick myself out a nice birthday prezzie. There was a lot I was lusting over.

Why won't you go on sale?

Sadly, the Tag Sale was a huge let down. Most things I liked weren’t on sale. In fact, very few things were on sale. Stop playing games with my heart Anthro.

You know you gotta stop, you're tearing us apart.

I went home feeling somewhat down, but was quickly made better when I realized that Chris and Hadley were at the dog park. The dog park is such a happy place. I was able to witness Hadley chasing around a Wheaten and rolling in the mud. That sure put a smile on my face.

Hadley at the dog park meeting another Welshie. This is my happy.

What else put a smile on my face? I have been craving chocolate chip pancakes for a long time, so last night I decided to have them. I complained to Chris that I was feeling lazy and wished the pancakes would just make themselves. Well, the next best thing to magical pancakes happened. Chris made me my pancakes and served them with a glass of white wine. Pancakes cooked by your boyfriend and a glass of white wine? I’ll have seconds please.

Not my actual pancakes, but you get the idea.


Tonight I’m excited to have plans. I was good at scheduling things to do on weeknights before vacation, but have been lazy since I’ve been back. I am one of those people that suck at just relaxing, so without plans I tend to get bored and cranky. I guess after 3 years in law school of constantly being on the move, you just get used to the lifestyle. Anyone else suck at relaxing?

Tonight I’ll be attending Pilates (second class this week – I’m back, baby) and meeting my friend Lauren to try out a new falafel place. We then are going to catch up and watch my favorite show still on TV, Modern Family. I just watched last week’s episode last night, and the puppy made me so happy.

So give me advice: are you any good at relaxing? What do you do with free weekday evenings?