Daily Archives: April 27, 2011

Where I’ve been, Where I’m going

If you’re a loyal reader (then I love you!) then you know I’ve been missing from the blogosphere for a few days now. Fear not, I’m fine, but my beloved Mac is not. My Mac book is currently down and can be fixed for a fee, but I haven’t decided yet if its best to just replace the computer. It’s hard to let go of it – we made it through law school and the Bar exam together – but it may be time. So that’s where I’ve been – a gal with no computer.

But where am I go? On vacation! Tomorrow, Chris and I leave for our 9-night Caribbean cruise. I couldn’t be happier! My nails are mani-ed and my toes are pedi-ed, my body has been pilated, my sandals and bikinis have been bought, and my bags are thinking about being packed, so I’m all ready to go!

When we return, I will figure out the computer situation and return to the blogging world. Until then, I miss you all!