A Saturday In List Form

Here’s Saturday in list form:

– Sleep in late. Hooray!

– Finally, roll out of bed. Convince both boyfriend and dog that we should get bagels, go for a long walk, and scope out a new dog park.

– Boyfriend, dog, and I make it through the wind to bagel place. Order delicious bagels, but then decide that it’s too damn nasty out to stay outside. It begins to rain on the way back.

– Eat bagels inside while dog watches for leftovers.

– Proceed to wish rain will go away, but instead get paperwork ready for the cruise.

– Find coffee. Call mom. Mistakenly call Melissa instead. Squeal about her wedding plans for a while.

– Watch two hours worth of HBO’s John Adams miniseries. If you are a history buff – watch it.

– Realize it’s still pouring out and decide that there is no way I am running outside.

– Convince Chris to return to the gym to run inside. Hooray!

Well, that’s where we are at so far. I am happy to say that Chris is currently hunting for his running shorts. It’s hard to get back to the gym after a long work out break, so I’m pumped he is returning. I mean, we do have to burn calories, since we are heading out to a Beer Garden (indoors) tonight. I’m thinking about renting a boat to get there.

One response to “A Saturday In List Form

  1. Sounds like you had the same wind we had yesterday. I went with a friend to Starbucks and while sitting on their patio, thought I was going to be knocked over by the wind.

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