Daily Archives: April 13, 2011


Well, my Passover Sedar plans may have just been ruined.

Me: So Dad, let me just go through my menu so I know you like what I making.

Dad: I’m not picky. I’ll eat anything.

Me: Okay, so you’d eat Vegetable Matzah lasagna?

Dad: No, I don’t eat vegetables.

Me: You don’t eat vegetables? Any? I thought you said you weren’t picky.

Dad: No, they hurt my stomach.

Me: Well, that’s a problem because I’m planning on making a vegetarian meal.

Dad: Wait, no meat?


How to fix this? Dad won’t eat vegetables, I don’t eat meat, Chris doesn’t eat most fish, and I am insisting upon making my lasagna because it is awesome and once my father tastes it, I think he’ll like it. Also, I have no clue or interest in how to cook meat, and would probably poison everyone at the table if I tried to make it.

Suggestions oh so welcomed.

Passover is Coming

Passover is coming up fast. So fast (aka next Monday) that I stocked up on matzah last night. During Passover, there are a lot of restrictions. I have a particularly hard time with Passover, because of my own self-imposed no meat restrictions. I have gone a little crazy from matzah-boredom in the past. The hardest Passover was my freshman year of college, where I had no clue what to eat and nothing to cook with but a microwave. I ended up leaving a chem lecture early because I was so dizzy. I’m pretty sure that was one of the very few Passover I didn’t make it through.

The past few Passovers during law school haven’t gone stellar either. Because there was so much I couldn’t eat and because Passover fell when I was studying for finals, I seemed to be skipping real meals in lieu of lots of junk food. Chocolate cover almonds and gummy fruit slices are popular Passover treats, and were a little too popular with me.

This year, I am going to be more prepared by thinking up dishes beforehand. I don’t keep Passover as strict as some Jews, and will eat foods not labeled Kosher for Passover so long as they don’t contain any of the restricted ingredients. Here’s what’s on my mind for Passover starting next Monday:


– Greek yogurt mixed with bananas and mixed berries. This is a breakfast I can happily eat all 9 days of Passover.

Lunches: This is the trickiest meal, because I have to be able to bring it in to work. It also is hard, because I pretty much hate matzah. If you have any suggestions for Passover portable lunches, let me know!

– Spaghetti squash with chopped veggies in marinara sauce

– Tuna fish salad with sliced tomato, lettuce, and onions

– Quinoa salad (though I’m not totally sold in quinoa)

– Matzah pizza (the only really yummy way to eat matzah)

– Hardboiled egg and salad

Dinners: These are easier, because I am home so I can be experimental and spur of the moment.

– Baked potato topped with mixed veggies, cheese, and sour cream.

– Salmon with baked potato and broccoli

– Mixed veggie and cheese omelet

Matzah brie

– Matzah ball soup

Also, I’ll be eating leftovers from the yummy two-nights of Sedars for as long as I can. Chris and I are hosting the second night of Sedar, and I have an exciting vegetarian twist planned. Look forward to reading about it next week!