I Want to be a Rugged Maniac!

Hi, yea, so I need to do a Rugged Maniac. I read about Tina’s experience with one yesterday on her blog, and now I want to participate in one so badly. Like I am going to up my running so I can do this badly. I did play rugby in college, so I guess this is my need to put myself in crazy physical situations coming out again.

The best part is that the closest one is July 9th in Englishtown, NJ. Englishtown happens to be relatively close to where my brother goes to college. My brother happens to be all-college-atheleticy and can do this piece of cake. So this may really happen!!!

The only possible snafu is that he may be on vacation then, so if so, who wants to roll in the mud with me? Oh man, that came out wrong. You know what I mean!

One response to “I Want to be a Rugged Maniac!

  1. I think a rugged maniac sounds really fun! I did something kind of similar last summer (Merrell Down n Dirty Mud run) and it was SO fun. Well the mud smelled really realllllly bad but it was still fun!

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