Daily Archives: April 11, 2011

This Week’s Loves #10

This is a weekly post where I take time to be thankful for the small extras that made me happy this past week.

– Receiving coupons from Chobani in the mail. Thanks Chobani!

Can't wait to try some new flavors!


– Getting Hadley groomed so he now looks dapper.

Handsome buddy.

– Lunching (and shopping) at Whole Foods with a good friend.

Nom nom nom.

– Celebrating a best friend’s engagement. Congrats Melissa and Aaron!

– Celebrating another best friend’s birthday with champagne and a night out.

– Getting an updated eye glass prescription (though I have yet to fill it).

– Wearing my favorite cozy knee socks to work (which I wore under boots, but took off at my desk).

They are just fun.

– Finding out the newest  Thursday Next book is out!!!

I love the quirky mind of Jasper Ffrode

What are your loves from this past week?