Lunchtime Excitement Needed

I admit it, I’m in a lunch rut. Frankly, I’m surprised that I made it this long bringing my lunch most days to work before getting entirely bored with everything I could think to bring. Today I have a can of lentil soup, meh.


So, blogworld, what should a veggie like me bring for lunch? Things I regularly bring include: soup, chick patties sandwiches, PB & J or PB and banana on Arnold’s Sandwich thins, salads, yogurt and cereal. So basically, if I don’t get some creativity mixed into my lunch routine soon, I will be in jeopardy of skipping my homemade lunch and spending money and calories on buying lunch.

I’m looking for quick easy suggestions of food that I can easily commute to work with in my lunch bag. We have a microwave in our office, so I can easily heat up precooked food. Also, I like to keep my lunches light and healthy – I like heavier dinners but light lunches. Suggest away!

4 responses to “Lunchtime Excitement Needed

  1. You could roast veggies the night beforehand and then reheat them the next day. I also like a veggie tray with hummus!

  2. Wow, you need to mix it up!

    How about

    *Veggie lasagna
    *Black bean tacos
    *Naked burrito bowl
    *Veggie casserole
    *Salad using whatever you have in your fridge
    *baked potato topped with veggies, cheese, beans
    *Tempeh cooked before hand and make a wrap with veggies
    *Tofu salad (made like chicken salad) on bread
    *homemade soup (you can portion after you make it and freeze for a quick meal)—minestrone, miso soup, sweet potato puree soup, etc.
    *Asian stir fry with veggies, rice and tofu

    Hope those suggestions help!

  3. Thanks for all these suggestions. Next week my goal will be to try out some of these lunch suggestions.

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