Daily Archives: April 6, 2011

Lunchtime Excitement Needed

I admit it, I’m in a lunch rut. Frankly, I’m surprised that I made it this long bringing my lunch most days to work before getting entirely bored with everything I could think to bring. Today I have a can of lentil soup, meh.


So, blogworld, what should a veggie like me bring for lunch? Things I regularly bring include: soup, chick patties sandwiches, PB & J or PB and banana on Arnold’s Sandwich thins, salads, yogurt and cereal. So basically, if I don’t get some creativity mixed into my lunch routine soon, I will be in jeopardy of skipping my homemade lunch and spending money and calories on buying lunch.

I’m looking for quick easy suggestions of food that I can easily commute to work with in my lunch bag. We have a microwave in our office, so I can easily heat up precooked food. Also, I like to keep my lunches light and healthy – I like heavier dinners but light lunches. Suggest away!