My Lunch is Better Than Your Lunch

I’ve been pretty stressed lately and as a result, I am constantly craving sweets. So I’ve been allowing myself some small luxuries. I present to you exactly what I wanted for lunch:

PB, honey, and chocolate chips open faced on an Arnold's Sandwich Thin.

6 responses to “My Lunch is Better Than Your Lunch

  1. I had a yummy Mexican meal for lunch but wouldn’t discriminate if someone placed that sweetness in front of me.

  2. One of my co-workers suggested making a smoothie and adding a cup of either spinach or kale, so you get sweet + healthy, fiber, fruits, and veggies. Apparently, if you blend with a banana, you don’t even taste the spinach. As an added bonus, the chlorophyll is supposed to help perk you up on gloomy days. I am definitely going to try it tonight! Does anyone else have any smoothie recipes they love?

    • Hey Ellen! A lot of people in the health blog world enjoy shakes like those – they call them Green Monsters. I’m probably going to toy with making them once the weather finally gets warm, so I’ll post any recipes I try. In the meanwhile, you can probably google that term for some ideas or try out some other blogs. Good luck with all those papers – where to after graduation?

  3. ps I’m in the middle of a marathon paper writing session, so I definitely had iced tea and a bagel with cream cheese for lunch. Gross.

  4. There really isn’t anything in life that is better than pb, chocolate & honey. 🙂

  5. Now that looks like a perfect lunch!

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