Scenes from Another Book Club

One of the first things I did when I moved was join a book club. I thought it would be a great way to read new books I never heard of and make friends in my new area. When I discovered a book club that combined all my loves- food, wine, and books – I was sold. There are two meetings held a month, but I usually go to one so that I have time to read books of my own choosing, too. Every meeting has a food theme based on the book. Every member brings one potluck dish and one bottle of wine. That’s right, a bottle of wine a person. All the leftover bottles are a gift for the host to keep, which I think is a neat idea.

This month we read Mysteries of Pittsburgh. This book was not for me. I immediately felt like there was a Great Gatsby element to it – a book I hated, sorry – and it just got further from my taste from there.

Apparently someone liked it enough to make a movie.


Still, the food at book club was amazing, and now I can say I read a book that was outside my normal literary taste. Book club this past week was a Sunday brunch and the theme was to bring a food that reminded you of your hometown. Immediately I knew that I wouldn’t be cooking for this one, but rather, buying bagels. When I lived away from the land of good bagels (namely DC – how can no one in DC make a decent bagel?!), all I craved was a good warm bagel with cream cheese. So bagels, I brought, along with some OJ for mimosas.

Clockwise: My bagels, homemade crepes, egg noodles with cabbage, french toast casserole.

Clockwise: Turkey roll-ups, Quiche, Bacon and Cheese Grits

Potato and Cheese Periogies

Rhode Island Pizza Strips

Fresh Berries and Whipped Cream Cake Cups

And I didn’t even got a photo of everything! What would you bring to represent your hometown?

16 responses to “Scenes from Another Book Club

  1. wow that food looks great! I am contemplating throwing a “food club” once a month!

  2. Wow that sounds like so much fun! How do you go about finding a book club? I would love to be in one, but I feel like it would be hard to find one that fits and is not all stay at home moms or retired grandmas (aka different genre of reading). Any advice?

  3. I went to and entered in book club. I really love that site for finding groups around where I live that meet my interests. There were a bunch of options, but I choose this one because it was geared to people in my age range, involved wine and food, and their book selection was varied. I used when I was in Boston and my friend has had luck with it in Philly, so I would def check it out.

  4. Great post thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading your blog. Feel free to check out our delicious recipes

  5. Ooh that sounds like fun! I love reading, and I love groups…it’s perfect!

    I would bring some tex mex creation to represent Texas! Quesadillas? Homemade pico de gallo? Or…..GUACAMOLE! yum…..

  6. Hello there. First time reader. I’m a paralegal so I am excited to read about your adventures in healthy living from the perspective of a new attorney. I’m still considering law school someday! Can’t wait to read more! (Love books and book clubs)

  7. D E Licious! Its all I can say looking at the pictures!


  8. Oh this is such a fun idea! It’s hard enough for me to find the time to read the paper every day, much less a whole book every two weeks! I would have brought bagels too, because I am a born and raised New Yorker, and let’s face it, we rule at bagel making!

  9. omg!! how fun!! I might have to look into one of these when I move…but I would def bring TEXAS BBQ!!! hahahah…pure meat…no veggies.

  10. This was novel. I wish I could read every post, but i have to go back to work now… But I’ll return.

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