Veggiversary: Mexican Fiesta Rice Bowl

Veggiversary week continues! For lunch yesterday, I visited my college-favorite Au Bon Pain, or as we called it, ABP. I practically lived on ABP tomato basil bisque in college. Sadly they didn’t have that particular soup, so I went with Tuscan White Bean soup. I was disappointed – the beans were super soft and the soup had little flavor. ABP how could you fail me?

Why do you disappoint me?

After work, I returned to the treadmill. I haven’t run in nearly two weeks because of being sick and then wanting to give my body some extra time to recover. I left my IPod at work, so I had to run without it. This may easily be the hardest thing ever for me to do. Does anyone else have that problem? What do you think about when you are running? I tried to focus my mind on other things, but instead I kept focusing on how much harder running two miles was after my two week siesta. I ended up getting through it by playing with the speed every minute, but it was hard. I finished my gym sess with some foam rolling, so that I can keep up with the running.

When I came back from the gym, Chris surprised me by being home from work. He’s been working 24/7 lately, because of a case he is on, so it was a great surprise. It was made only better by the beautiful tulips he brought home for me. Isn’t he a good one?

For dinner, I was inspired by a throw-together meal I saw on this blog: a rice bowl. I used to make rice bowls all the time, but haven’t made one in a while. I love most any meal that includes rice, so I was happy to remember how much I like these. I still have lots of Mexican food ingredients in my apartment, so I went for a Mexican themed bowl.

Paired with TJ 3 Buck Chuck? Perfect.

Mexican Fiesta Rice Bowl

1 cup White rice

1/4 White onion

1/4 Green pepper

1/2 cup Refried beans

1/4 Mexican blend shredded cheese

1 dollop Sour cream

Taco sauce to taste

Boil the rice. I am a complete failure at making rice, so I stuck with the boil in the bag kind. Measure out your portion, and top with all the other ingredients, except the sour cream. Mix together. Heat in microwave for one – two minutes. Add sour cream. Scoop up with a tortilla, if desired. Enjoy!

5 responses to “Veggiversary: Mexican Fiesta Rice Bowl

  1. That rice bowl looks awesome, I would probably use brown rice if I made it. I can totally relate on having a hard time exercising without my iphone. I can do it without it, but it sure is a whole lot more fun when you have good jams!

  2. I’ve only just started running, but I’m used to walking long distances by myself. Last summer I walked 36 miles on my own and without my iPod. It was so liberating and I thought about everything and anything. Sometimes I didn’t think of anything at all. To be honest I mostly think about food! But if I’ve got more time I start making up stories etc. I love daydreaming and running or walking is the perfect opportunity to have some alone time.

  3. Thanks for the shout out. Your rice bowl looks fantastic, some wine along with it never hurts either.

  4. I don’t have an ABP around me:(
    I haven’t updated my ipod/iphone in so long so i’ve been running with Pandora-I haven’t been able to master running without music yet

  5. YUM!! love mexican anything 🙂

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