Veggiversary Week: The NYT Agrees!

This week I am celebrating my 10-year Veggiversary. Yesterday, I wrote about how in the past few years, many more options have opened up to vegetarians. It is a whole lot easier being a vegetarian in today’s world than it was even 10 years ago. Today, my friend Ellen let me know that the NYT’s agrees with this statement in this article showing how mainstream restaurants are embracing vegetarian cuisine, especially by making the “ultimate” veggie burger. I’m pretty excited for restaurant wars in NYC to begin over veggie cuisine!


5 responses to “Veggiversary Week: The NYT Agrees!

  1. happy veggiversary, by the way! 10 years is quite impressive.

  2. it’s true though! every single restaurant you go to has a great selection of veggie and GLUTEN free meals!! And btw totally sad I won’t move to nyc…you can still crash my wedding in may though. 🙂

  3. That is sad! I look forward to reading more of your wedding posts – those are my favorite!!

  4. Happy veggiversary. 10 years…congrats!

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