Land of the Living

I’ve returned! Sorry for my hiatus, but I’ve had some past week. Remember when I thought I pulled out my back? Well, by Friday night I started exhibiting other symptoms like chills and a low fever, Saturday my back was doing much better but I developed a fun cough, and Sunday I was a mess. Monday I finally made it to the doctor’s. Turns out I didn’t pull out my back, but rather, had an infection that I was unaware of and had settled in my muscles until it made its way to my chest. Fun!

The doctor prescribed me antibiotics and I prescribed myself plenty of sleep, water, and bad TV. Finally, I felt nearly like a person yesterday, and today I have fully returned to the Land of the Living! This is especially good because 1) I was getting stir crazy and 2) I finished Season 4 of Friday Night Lights and moved on to such dramatic gems as Make it or Break It.

Quality TV.


One of my favorite parts about being sick (favorite may be a strong word, but I’m trying to be positive) is when you finally feel better and can fully rid yourself and your home from its sick haze. I don’t know about you, but when I get sick my apartment looks like it gets sick, too. Dishes are forgotten, takeout containers pile up, and tissues fill all the trash bins. Plus every blanket I own has been cuddled under and discarded on the floor. It’s a mess. But when I finally feel well, I love to take a shower, put on clean clothes, wash everything I wore when I was sick, all the bedding, and the many blankets, and clean up everything else. Then my house feels like it reflects my health – all better!

Spring is here! Sometimes sunlight is the ultimate antibiotic!

Does anyone else let their place totally go when they’re sick?

3 responses to “Land of the Living

  1. I definitely let my place go when I’m sick, and I love feeling “normal” again.

  2. I’m glad you feel better, welcome back!! A post-sickness house cleanup and letting some fresh air in the house makes so much of a difference! It’s like you are both starting fresh again!

  3. jesus…glad you are okay!! sounds scary!! anyways right now my place is a total sty….honestly knowing i’m going to move is making me throw things around..hahah

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