Daily Archives: March 17, 2011

You Know What Makes a Great Snack?

Sliced cucumbers! Perfect for one of our first spring days. Plus, they have St. Patrick’s Day spirit!

Land of the Living

I’ve returned! Sorry for my hiatus, but I’ve had some past week. Remember when I thought I pulled out my back? Well, by Friday night I started exhibiting other symptoms like chills and a low fever, Saturday my back was doing much better but I developed a fun cough, and Sunday I was a mess. Monday I finally made it to the doctor’s. Turns out I didn’t pull out my back, but rather, had an infection that I was unaware of and had settled in my muscles until it made its way to my chest. Fun!

The doctor prescribed me antibiotics and I prescribed myself plenty of sleep, water, and bad TV. Finally, I felt nearly like a person yesterday, and today I have fully returned to the Land of the Living! This is especially good because 1) I was getting stir crazy and 2) I finished Season 4 of Friday Night Lights and moved on to such dramatic gems as Make it or Break It.

Quality TV.


One of my favorite parts about being sick (favorite may be a strong word, but I’m trying to be positive) is when you finally feel better and can fully rid yourself and your home from its sick haze. I don’t know about you, but when I get sick my apartment looks like it gets sick, too. Dishes are forgotten, takeout containers pile up, and tissues fill all the trash bins. Plus every blanket I own has been cuddled under and discarded on the floor. It’s a mess. But when I finally feel well, I love to take a shower, put on clean clothes, wash everything I wore when I was sick, all the bedding, and the many blankets, and clean up everything else. Then my house feels like it reflects my health – all better!

Spring is here! Sometimes sunlight is the ultimate antibiotic!

Does anyone else let their place totally go when they’re sick?