Daily Archives: March 11, 2011

Sunnyside of Things

It is annoying that I really cannot move much today. All my muscles in my back have seemed to revolt at once. This will be a short entry, because it kind of hurts to type.  But the real point of this post is to say that even though something annoyingly happened, it has had its upsides.

Last night when I first did this, I tried to “sleep it off”. Because that always works. When it didn’t, I called Chris at work, and he came home to take care of me even though he was busy. Sure he still worked from home, but anytime I needed a drink or to be helped into a new position, he was there for me. Today I didn’t even ask him to, but when I woke up he was there working from home. Just in case I still needed him. That’s love, and I’m thankful for him.

I’m also thankful for Hadley. Hadley is a cuddle bug and has been keeping a comfy, but watchful distance from me. It’s like he’s saying Mom I’m here for you.

My superhero circa Halloween 2010.

So I know that pulling out my back isn’t that big of deal, but I am excited to be taken care of so well. Sorry for this sappy post – I’m in pain!