Daily Archives: March 10, 2011

25 Going on 65

Change of plans, no cooking tonight. Nor moving. Yep, that’s right, I pulled out my back. How does a 25 year old pull out their back? I’m not really sure, but I think it had to do with a mix of a super hard Pilates class, sleeping in the oddest position ever, and plain bad luck. My back started hurting at work and by the time I was on the train home I was wailing (in my head) in pain. So now I am lying on the heating pad and may be eating cooking dough that my loving boyfriend (who I may have called to come home from work to take care of me) may have bought me. Somehow I think that Pilates class may have been counterproductive after all.

Perhaps I need this book.



Eating Hearts Out

When walking home from work yesterday a sign caught my eye “Artichokes 99 CENTS”. I decided it would be fun to buy one and incorporate it into my meal. I came home after Pilates and realized I had no  clue how to cook an artichoke. Neither did Lauren. Thankfully Chris said, put it in a pot of water and boil it. Okay, I can do that.


While the artichoke boiled, Lauren and I prepped the rest of our dinner. We chopped up scallions and tomatoes and prepped some broccoli cheddar cous-cous. We waited and waited for the artichoke to cook through. Apparently they take a while. When it was finally done, we  didn’t like how the leaves tasted – Chris insisted you eat them, but I’m not sure – so we chopped through to the heart. It was sad that our giant artichoke resulted in us eating a tiny heart. But it was a yummy heart. Oh this just sounds wrong. I’m don’t even eat meat!


How do you eat these?

We mixed the artichoke heart, scallions, and tomatoes in with the cous-cous, added tofu and chickpeas, and topped with feta.

Before mixing it all together.

It was filling, tasty, and fun to cook a new vegetable. On tonight’s plate is another veggie I’ve never cooked  before: Brussel Sprouts. Try any new vegetables lately?