Fat Cat

I’m having one of those days. You’ve all had them before, I’m sure. It’s the kind of day when you wake up and just feel yuck. I pulled on my clothes and continued to feel yuck. Lately, I have been having higher self-esteem about my body image, but today I felt meh. Even though admittedly my dress looks fine on me – and I am probably smaller and more toned than the last time I wore it since its been in my warm season section of my closet – I still feel like a look something like this:


It probably has to do with a mix of things:

 1) I went to a diner last night with friends. The food was great, because I grew up in Jersey and have a soft spot for diner food. I ordered a veggie burger, and was given the largest veggie burger I have ever seen in my whole life. It was like eating an entire cow – if that cow was made out of beans and veggies. Really, it was roughly the size of my head. I ate nearly the whole thing. And some fries. Damn you diner food and your deliciousness.

2) I didn’t get to run yesterday. I was really looking forward to taking a run yesterday, but Hadley was having so much fun at the dog park that I let him stay for an entire hour. Hadley got an awesome workout in, but alas, I had to skip mine so I could make it to dinner. At least my ball-throwing arm is getting jacked.

3) I woke up expecting spring, but weather.com lied to me. So instead of wearing my spring dress ala carte, I had to pair it with leggings and a cardi. I took off the leggings when I got to work because the extra bulk was driving me nuts.

Today is going to be a healthy mind – healthy body kind of day to kick this veggie-cow feeling. Breakfast was a yummy homemade Chocolate Coconut Cream instant oatmeal pack. Lunch is lined up to be a Chick Patty on an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin paired with Carmel Soy Crisps. This evening, in addition to throwing a ball for my ball-loving Welshie, I am going to Pilates. After Pilates, I plan on cooking dinner with Lauren. We are looking to make a yummy couscous dish, preferably with some fresh veggies. Couscous dinner suggestions welcomed.

What do you when you wake up feeling off?

3 responses to “Fat Cat

  1. As you said, your dress looks good on you and you’re more toned than you were last time you wore it, so you have to remember it’s just the way you feel.
    I can totally relate though – I often feel the same if I’ve had a big meal, especially if it involved lots of bread or if I’ve missed out on a workout. Often, I feel great the next day, so I just have to remember it’s usually a passing emotion.
    Hope you have a great day today 🙂

  2. i’ve been eating out nonstop lately. I feel bloated, tired, and “weak”…like i couldn’t say no to eating out or dessert. What helps is drinking a ton of water and just…forgetting about it.

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