Daily Archives: March 9, 2011

Marie Claire

I’ve never been on the Marie Claire website before now, and I must admit some things on it kind of scare me. They seem very into weight loss.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this:


The tool located here just seems to make the model wider or narrower depending on the weight you choose. The top of the page reads You … But Better. Does this seem wrong to and odd to anyone else? Or do you feel this is a helpful tool?

Fat Cat

I’m having one of those days. You’ve all had them before, I’m sure. It’s the kind of day when you wake up and just feel yuck. I pulled on my clothes and continued to feel yuck. Lately, I have been having higher self-esteem about my body image, but today I felt meh. Even though admittedly my dress looks fine on me – and I am probably smaller and more toned than the last time I wore it since its been in my warm season section of my closet – I still feel like a look something like this:


It probably has to do with a mix of things:

 1) I went to a diner last night with friends. The food was great, because I grew up in Jersey and have a soft spot for diner food. I ordered a veggie burger, and was given the largest veggie burger I have ever seen in my whole life. It was like eating an entire cow – if that cow was made out of beans and veggies. Really, it was roughly the size of my head. I ate nearly the whole thing. And some fries. Damn you diner food and your deliciousness.

2) I didn’t get to run yesterday. I was really looking forward to taking a run yesterday, but Hadley was having so much fun at the dog park that I let him stay for an entire hour. Hadley got an awesome workout in, but alas, I had to skip mine so I could make it to dinner. At least my ball-throwing arm is getting jacked.

3) I woke up expecting spring, but weather.com lied to me. So instead of wearing my spring dress ala carte, I had to pair it with leggings and a cardi. I took off the leggings when I got to work because the extra bulk was driving me nuts.

Today is going to be a healthy mind – healthy body kind of day to kick this veggie-cow feeling. Breakfast was a yummy homemade Chocolate Coconut Cream instant oatmeal pack. Lunch is lined up to be a Chick Patty on an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin paired with Carmel Soy Crisps. This evening, in addition to throwing a ball for my ball-loving Welshie, I am going to Pilates. After Pilates, I plan on cooking dinner with Lauren. We are looking to make a yummy couscous dish, preferably with some fresh veggies. Couscous dinner suggestions welcomed.

What do you when you wake up feeling off?