This Week’s Loves #7

This is a weekly post where I take time to be thankful for the small extras that made me happy this past week.

– Deciding I was going to be in a great mood all Wednesday, and making it happen.

– Receiving my package from ModCloth’s 70% off sale. Both dresses fit great, and the acorn one is one of my favorite dresses ever.

Acorn-ucopia Dress


– Catching up with a college friend over delicious guac and chips.

– Finding great finds in the city all week: $5 bracelets for my mom and me on sale at a cute jewelry store, $9 total on a dress and running shorts at the GAP (after sales, a coupon, and a gift card), and designer jeans marked down to $30!

Christopher Blue's Jeans. They are made to fit curves and have memory stretch. Awesome and so comfy.


– Wearing leprechaun socks and flats to Hoboken St Paddy’s day.

It's true. I do shamrock Hoboken.


– Taking the time to clean my apartment and keeping it relatively tidy all week.

I'm most proud of my bookshelf.

– Having a many hour brunch and chat session with a good friend.

– Trying out a Tower Pilates class. I like mat classes better, but it was still fun to do the Monkey pose.

The pose looked different.


– Taking a long walk through the City when it was drizzling (before it turned into a monsoon).

– Finding many hours to watch Friday Night Lights.

I'm in Season 4, but I'm having trouble letting go of the original characters.


– Rocking out a new PR mile time at 7:40.

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