One Week Later

I promised to post pictures of Chris, Hadley, and my adventure to  Audrey’s  Farmhouse in Wallkill, NY. The B&B was adorable and made you feel sorry you had to leave from the moment you entered. Chris and I spent our first evening eating homemade pastries left out for the guests, drinking wine, and watching a fire roar in the fire place. We spent the weekend enjoying the B&B and their wonderful breakfasts, looking through old photo albums from the 30’s in the B&B’s library, hiking, dining, wine and whiskey tasting, and exploring the town.


First thing we saw when we walked in.

Homemade cookies? Yes, please.

We stayed in the LL Bean Room.

Poached Pear for breakfast

Lovely breakfast.

I wish I had one of these in my apartment.

Hadley hiking.

Frozen branches on our snowy hike.

Wine tree at dinner.

Hadley exploring the wine cellar on our wine tasting.

Whiskey tasting.

Thanks Audrey's!

8 responses to “One Week Later

  1. greensandjeans

    Beautiful! What a fantastic getaway, of course, any place that welcomes you with baked goods is a total winner.

  2. Wow – that looks so gorgeous 🙂 and Hadley is really cute!

  3. Alex @ Healing Beauty

    Aww the pictures are so cute! Looks like a nice, romantic time

  4. So pretty! Those are the best kind of weekend getaways…a place where you just have to “be”. It must have been hard to leave!

  5. It was fun, romantic, and relaxing! Hadley had a ball, too.

  6. I love Hadley in the wine cellar. This place is so adorable and you know I am thinking of Gilmore Girls when looking through the pics!

  7. I was quoting Gilmore Girls the when we were sitting by the fireplace. “I sat and forever am at work here.”

  8. i’ve always wanted to have a little get away like you did!!! Ahhh. But alas, G gets bored by me in intimate settings. 😡

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