Tastes Like Home to Me

Chris was in Ithaca overnight on Tuesday recruiting for his firm. It’s so weird that we have crossed over to the “other side”. Of course I asked him to bring me back a meal that reminded me of Ithaca: a Viva La Chelsea sandwich and Desert Stone cookies from Collegetown Bagels.

Viva La Chelsea: Mozz, tomato, basil, olive oil

Desert Stone cookie

Collegetown Bagels and their parent shop, Ithaca Bakery, are much beloved in Ithaca. My friends and I practically lived at CTB throughout law school, whether it was for an Irish Breakfast tea in the morning, a bagel with cream cheese and tomato before a final, a soup on a cold day, or a glass of sangria outside on a warm evening. The Viva La Chelsea was the first sandwich I ever ate at CTB. It became a tradition for my friend Ellen and I to have the sandwich on our first lunch together every semester. Yummy memories.

Though a CTB sandwich is something I would refrain from on most days now (I can probably attribute 10lbs of weight gain to my love for their food), last night it was well worth the calories and tasted like home. I know I only lived in Ithaca for 3 years, but I lived so many memories in that town that it will always have a little bit of my heart. Seeing the CTB bag just brought a smile to my face. Eating a Desert Stone cookie? Well, that put a smile in my tummy. Good thing I took time to take a jog and go to Pilates yesterday to offset the side effects of all the happy yumminess. 🙂

What food makes you feel at home?

5 responses to “Tastes Like Home to Me

  1. I am a big “sandwich person” if that makes any sense and that one you had looks very delicious. If I am ever up in Ithaca I’ll know what to look for!! 😀
    Nice blog by the way! 🙂

  2. Thanks and you should check it out!

  3. Aaaaah! I miss my Why U Can’t’s and rugelach SO MUCH. (avocado, goat cheese and apple slices on a toasted bialy, for the uninitiated). There is no where to get a decent sandwich in the U District. On the plus side though, the middle eastern food out here is way better!

  4. That’s good because Aladin’s left much to be desired! I remember how much you loved that yummy sandwich. Oh CTB love.

  5. tacos!! I’m from a hispanic area so I always get fresh tacos when I go home!

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