Sicky McSickerson

Chris and I have this habit of making up weird nicknames for Hadley. Amongst them are the simple like Hads or the the random like Didley or the amusing such as Sniffy McSnifferson. Well today, call me Sicky McSickerson.

I jinxed myself last week when I said I was so proud of making it through the entire winter without a bad cold. Yesterday, I woke up with a wonderful cold that kept me sneezing all day and today it advanced to that “I can’t think straight, do I also have a fever?” level. I made it into work despite the rain and hoped if I had a filling breakfast I would feel better. I never buy breakfast, but today I ate this:

Paired with orange juice.


After eating breakfast and still feeling like the world was spinning, sneezing, and starting to sweat through my pretty work dress I wore in hopes that it would make me feel better, I decided it was best for me to go home.

I have been spending the rest of my failed day cuddling in bed with Hadley, consuming glasses of OJ, and watching Friday Night Lights. I also enjoyed a big lunch. I know they say “feed a fever, starve a cold”, but I have decided from past experiences that feeding is really a good strategy for colds, too. So I ate this:

My get-well pack.

Yup, I ate the whole sandwich. I was too full to eat any of the soup – good thing I have a lot of tuperware. I also have a Chobani calling my name for snack later. As you can see, I also had myself some Dayquil. So basically, I’m fighting this thing hard. Chris and I are celebrating our 3-year anniversary this weekend, and I know he has some surprise in the works, (I LOVE surprises) and I don’t want to miss out on it. Here’s to fighting the good fight!

5 responses to “Sicky McSickerson

  1. I always get REALLY hungry when I have a cold – it must be the extra energy needed to fight it off. I hope you feel better in time for your big surprise ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i love the shout out to Moosewood in your photo! i miss it. hope you feel better!

  3. Alex @ Healing Beauty

    Feel better and congrats on your third anniversary!!

  4. I have so many nicknames for Lincoln–Linky, Linx, Little Linx of Love (L3), LL Cool Linx, Sir Linx-A-Lot and yeah, I can keep going on and on.

    Hope you have a nice anniversary wknd!

  5. Thanks!

    I think I like LL Cool Linx best ๐Ÿ™‚

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