Foodie Friday – Pisticci

125 La Salle St New York, NY 10027

In the summer of 2009, I lived in Morningside Heights. There aren’t a lot of eating options in the area, especially during the summer when the Colombia students are out of town and places close. I had a wonderful apartment, but it literally had no counter space for cooking. I was always looking for a good meal in the neighborhood and was often disappointed.

Then, by the glory of internet review sites, I found Pisticci. Located on the border of Morningside Heights and Harlem, this unassuming gem is a Colombia University hot spot. I recently looked back at the website, and it’s also now the first NYC restaurant to go completely carbon neutral, which is a pretty awesome achievement.

So what exactly is Pisticci? First off, it may be my favorite restaurant in all of NYC, which is a pretty bold statement. Second, Pisticci is an Italian restaurant whose food is made fresh and in-kitchen daily. Even the mozzarella is homemade. The portions are generous and the prices are down-right reasonable.  The meals start out with bread and oil for dipping. Usually we ordered an app, often the olive and cheese plate.  Olives plus cheese equals a happy Allie. My personal favorite main dish is the Penne Pistici, which is penne pasta in “in a yellow and red vine tomato sauce with chunks of melted homemade mozzarella.” I don’t generally like red sauce on pasta, but this is oh-so-good.  

The décor exudes neighborhood charm. Some of the walls are brick, others are lined with books and random knick-knacks. It’s the type of warm place where you want to spend a long meal with friends. Often there can be a wait, but it’s well worth it.  I know that Morningside Heights can be a trek if you live downtown or on the East side, but once again, it’s well worth it. In fact, just writing about it makes me need to go back soon.




More pictures in the restaurant’s gallery.

What’s your favorite NYC restaurant?

5 responses to “Foodie Friday – Pisticci

  1. I haven’t been to NYC since I was little, so I don’t really have a fav restaurant- but I want to go to Bobby Flay’s!

  2. OMG I have added this to my list of must-go restaurants! If you love Italian, try iTrulli. It’s on 27th between Park and Lex and the pasta is made fresh there every day. It’s unbelievably delish!

  3. Whenever we go to NYC, we go to peanut butter co. Though there are sooo many fabulous restaurants that I would love to try. I’m a better versed in Philly restaurants 🙂

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