I’m in Love …

With Pilates! I bought a wonderful Groupon on Friday and began my classes on Saturday. Yesterday was my second class, and I’m already hooked. It’s held at a wonderful Pilates studio that’s only a few short blocks from my apartment. I like that I leave my shoes downstairs and enter the place barefoot. There is something enticing about walking around a place other than your home barefoot.

The room itself is all hardwood floors, mirrors, and mats. The instructor is adorable and takes the time to memorize everybody’s name. The class is difficult and the instructor will make us a hold a position until everyone gets it right. I would be mad at the person making me hold my legs at 45 degree angle forever if I wasn’t often that person.

I’ve taken two other Pilates classes in the past, but this studio is my favorite by far. The first class was just too advanced for me and had me balancing all my weight on a giant ball while positioning myself in angles that defied logic. I spent the entire class hoping not to split my head open. The second Pilates class I took was a mix between Pilates and aerobics and was so intense that I couldn’t move for a good week afterwards.

This Pilates class is an intense workout, but also allows for some relaxing stretching. I can feel myself using my core and leg muscles like I haven’t in years. I already feel stronger, which I know is ridiculous because it has only been two classes.

Pilates, I love you. Please send another Groupon my way in a month so that I can afford to continue our romance.

What new exercise routines have you tried lately?

7 responses to “I’m in Love …

  1. Cool! I’ve always wanted to try Pilates…and I am waiting for a Groupon to come my way, hehe.

  2. I’ve taken a matt pilates class a couple of times. It was ok…I think the instructor wasn’t very good. I need to find a new Pilates class for sure!

  3. I seriously want to try Pilates!

    China Glaze can be found at Ulta and Sally’s. However I don`t think the Anchors Away collection is being sold at Sally’s.


  4. Thanks – I’ll have to look out for it, I really love those colors.

    Pilates is so much fun, but it def is about finding the right teacher.

  5. i did this TRX class that has suspension ropes hanging from the ceiling. You basically use your own body weight for strength training. LOVE IT.

  6. Alex @ Healing Beauty

    I’ve just started running a little bit! Sure, I can only do about a mile using the run a little walk a little method, but it’s something!

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