Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. You tell your significant other, family, friends you love them. Some people even tell their “work spouses” they love them. But the one person we shouldn’t forget to say I love you to is ourselves. Motivated by a post I saw by the Fit Bee, here is my Valentine to myself.


I love that I am incredibly stubborn in a good way. When I decide I am going to do something, then I will give everything I have to do it.

I love that I take time to make the people I love feel special, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day.

I love that I always try to live my life to the fullest, but I am also beginning to understand how to relax.

I love that I identified I needed to change my habits and cultivated a new healthier lifestyle for myself.

I love my slightly whimsical and irreverent style. I love that I am wore knee socks to work today.

I love that all I need to be happy is to spend time with a puppy dog.

I love that I am writing again, even if it’s only on my blog.

I love that I get into all holidays and celebrations.

I love that I still find time to read.

I love my curly hair, even if sometimes it drives me nuts.

I love my optimistic personality.

I love that I am not afraid to push myself past my fears.

I love that I’m good with who I am, “warts and all”.

Write yourself your own Valentine! What do you love about yourself?

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