This Week’s Loves #5

This is a weekly post where I take time to be thankful for the small extras that made me happy this week.

– Discovering how amazing spaghetti squash mixed with pasta tastes.

– Visiting the West Village three times this week.

Home of the W. Village's most famous socialite, Carrie Bradshaw.


– Sitting in my clean apartment after spending all evening cleaning.

Where the magic happens.

– Returning to the Hummus Place.

Best. meal. ever. Always.

– Spending Thursday evening with my mom at a Jersey diner.

– Seeing my other puppy love when I was at my parents on Friday.

Meet Scout. He's adorable.

– Sharing “Preemptive Valentine’s Day” dinner with Chris.

– Cupcake and wine pairings.

Sweet Revenge NYC - Go here!


– The weather finally creeping towards forty degrees.

– My granola bars. My father ate nearly half the batch in two days.

– Rocking out 8 min miles at the gym.

– Enjoying the smell of a Valentine’s Day Red Velvet cake baking (in a heart shape pan!).

What are your week’s loves?

6 responses to “This Week’s Loves #5

  1. I love your loves! Scout is absolutely precious–what is he? I want to cuddle with him. I call Lincoln my puppy love so that made me smile. What also made me smile is seeing that someone else doesn’t have that much kitchen space. I have two small counters like that with less cabinets than you, it sucks.

    I need to hit up that hummus place when I’m in NYC again, I love me some hummus!

    • Scout it a maltese. He spent Friday early morning cuddling with me, and it was great. That’s funny about the kitchen space – I consider us having a lot of space after seeing a lot of my friend’s aparments. I spent one summer in a NYC apartment with NO counter space. It was so annoying. Also, the Hummus Place really has the best hummus this side of Israel. So good.

  2. I love your caption under the pic of your kitchen…”Where the magic happens.” Your granola bars look delish…I need to whip up a batch! My week’s loves are: running OUTSIDE, oatmeal, and music! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I am enjoying some oatmeal right now.

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  5. 8 min mile? Even I haven’t done that!

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