We All Need Our Vices

Yesterday at lunch, I was munching on my salad and chick patty on an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin when I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation next to me. A girl was explaining to her friend that she was trying to diet, but that she couldn’t give up wine. I wanted to turn to her and say don’t do it! Wine is wonderful and there is no need to give it up completely. Just don’t drink it in excess. Thankfully, her lunch companion answered her for me. We all need our vices. They keep life fun. So true random dude.

I love wine, and if it’s a vice, so be it. As long as I am not sitting around consuming an entire bottle (in the dark, alone, yada yada), I see nothing wrong with enjoying a glass at the end of a long work day. Last night, I meet two friends I haven’t seen for a while at a wine bar in the West Village called Gottino. We had been once before in the summer when we got to sit out on their lovely back garden patio.


Being that it’s freezing in NYC, we enjoyed our wine inside yesterday. The table had chestnuts and a nut cracker on it, so I got to learn how to crack a chestnut as a I enjoyed my glass of white wine. I love wine bars, and every time I go to one, I immediately wonder why I hardly go to them. There is nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine, or two, with friends.

Not the nut cracker from Gottino, but how cute is it?

After wine, I came home and enjoyed Round 2 of my Spaghetti Squash and Pasta Marinara. The best thing about this meal was that I was starving, and since spaghetti squash is so low in calories and high in health, I don’t feel bad filling my bowl with it. The squash to pasta ratio was completely off, but it was still oh so delicious. Good thing I have another squash in the fridge for next week!

While eating dinner I watched MTV’s I Used to be Fat. Anyone else ever see it? These people take off a crazy amount of weight in 3 months. It worries me that maybe it’s not sustainable weight loss. I have done the losing weight fast thing before, and now I find it so much better to just switch to a healthier life style and let it come off slowly.

When Chris came home from work, I convinced him to do some ab exercises with me. I showed him the planks I learned in my ab class, which he declared as torture. We ended our night watching TV in bed with the dog lying across our feet. Perfect evening? I think yes.

What vices treats do you allow yourself?

8 responses to “We All Need Our Vices

  1. popcorn! all the time. it’s bad…

  2. Love wine! I would go to wine bars more often but am frugal and would rather buy a bottle and enjoy it at home. I dont get why people think they have to cut out things completely.

  3. Booze mostly. I totally agree with you. My friend Ali always tells me not to give up the things I love, but have them in moderation. I am not really a sweets person, I just love food in general! I guess my other vice/treat is a gigantic meal of the Mexican variety. I love burritos more than life!

  4. Alex @ Healing Beauty

    Dark chocolate and wine! I don’t drink any other kinds of alcohol but I love me some wine. I also just found an amazing Dark Chocolate with Green Tea at whole foods, and just a few squares are rich enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

  5. my vice is def sweets…cake, chocolate, icecream…name it I’ll eat it!! I wish I liked wine!! I really really really do!!

  6. I only get to pick one vice? Not fair. Lately I’ve been eating anything in my sight.

  7. I LOVE good beer. But it has to be good.

  8. I get the beer thing – if it’s good and served with a veggie burger than it can be the best thing ever.

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