This Week’s Loves #4

This is a weekly post where I take time to be thankful for the small extras that made me happy this week.

– Trying out a new recipe with Chris.

Squash and Apple soup in the making.

– Finding new Luna Bar flavors: White Macadamia Nut and Chocolate Dipped Coconut.

– Sweat sessions at the gym.

– Reading a surprisingly good book.


– Catching up with high school buddies.

– Finding time to get a manicure.

– Finally trying out greek yogurt. Yum!

– Starting Sunday morning with homemade oat-banana pancakes.

– Receiving my Little Things Giveaway prize. Thanks so much Julie! I love all my new goodies.

– Walking into my bedroom to see this cuteness.

What are your week’s loves?

6 responses to “This Week’s Loves #4

  1. Can’t wait to find out how the soup turned out! And i’m a dark nailpolish kinda gal too (for the most part!) I just found my pup under the covers last night before getting into bed-i’m like what are you doing?! it.

  2. The soup came out wonderfully. You can find my recipe and review here:

    I’m a dark nail polish gal in the winter and opt for bright colors in the warmer months to switch things up.

  3. Alex @ Healing Beauty

    This week I ordered a Vera Bradley bag that I have been wanting for a really long time so I can take on my trip to Philadelphia next week, which I booked this week and am so excited for. I also made homemade blueberry salad dressing that was delicious and simple and made my salad fun last night. 🙂

  4. Blueberry salad dressing? That sounds great. Post the recipe?

  5. Oh Hadley is adorable (love the pillow cases btw) I love unexpected packages and giveaway packages are even better, it’s kinda like Christmas!

    Diggin the nail color-what shade is that?

  6. Thanks! I am in love with those pillow cases, too. I modeled my whole bedroom colors around them!

    I’m not sure the exact shade, since I got it done at a place. It was a type of nail polish I had never heard of before. I think grey is a pretty popular color now, though, so you could probably find something similar. If you find a good shade let me know!

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